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Thread: Updates and Downtime

Updates and Downtime

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    Updates and Downtimes

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to fill you in on the latest here. As you know, the forums are going offline this weekend for some scheduled maintenance. Sadly, this has scuppered some of my plans for the end of this week - mostly regarding the Battlestations Community Update - as there'll be nowhere for you guys to see it.

    Monday was our tentative date for the newly designed, Pacific-themed to launch, however the server downtime has unexpectedly thrown a tiny spanner into the mix.

    So, amidst the chaos, here's how it's going down. The website extravaganza is happening. Maybe not Monday as originally planned, but certainly shortly thereafter. You can expect a bumper BCU along with that and a host of new treasure and booty to salivate over.

    During the downtime, I urge you to drop in on our facebook page, as that's where any announcements will be made over the weekend. I may even throw up a couple of surprise goodies to make it worth your while, since I'm good like that.

    With a bit of luck, come Monday we'll all be back online, and maybe even in fresh new digs too. But I don't want to promise until I've final word. One thing I can promise however, is that there'll be a little something special for the first to sign up to our new home, so be sure to get involved. More details on that a little later.

    We're literally working around the clock here to get things moving asap. Rest assured, when the gremlins have been dealt with, we'll all be much better off for it.

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    New stuff... woohoo!!

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    please have the multiplayer info and a release date we have all been waiting for that for a long time. gameplay trailors are good too.

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    Are these new things in effect? I don't see anything new.

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    No they are not in effect yet.

    They'll be somewere this week I think

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    ive seen some changes, but nothing really too different, but its good to see the word pacific now more often

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    Well, It's been about a week since the forums came back up. So much for the "bumper" BCU and the new website.

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    yeah, would be nice to see some of the promises come true...

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    Well,its been 10 days,,,,,,,,i cant hold my breath any longer.

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    at least give us some new videos or screenshots

    to buy yourselves some time

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    Originally Posted by Polarshark

    at least give us some new videos or screenshots

    to buy yourselves some time
    Back during July's E3, somewhere a statement was made that July was going to see the release of single-player info (which it was - see the various videos at of in-game footage) and August would see multiplayer info released.

    August, September, October, and November have come and gone with very little (if any) new multiplayer info, esp. on par with the videos of the single-player game.

    By now we should have learned not to take "it will be out at X time" statements seriously.

    And the PR folks should learn to take dates they are given and multiply by 3 to stop building up false expectations among the fans. If it happens to come early then it's a nice surprise and nobody is annoyed.

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    The only thing that annoys me is that there's no message from Eidos explaining that the content will be released later because of difficulties or something.

    Making a announcement and then just dead silence is a bit strange...

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    Originally Posted by Comm. Codey
    Making a announcement and then just dead silence is a bit strange...
    Bad PR is what it is.

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    Nothing...nothing....still nothing...

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    D Day +11.
    Still no word from the front!!!!!!!!!
    Has mike and the team hit the mince pie trail early this year?
    I have heard a rumour they were all seen dissapearing down the pub for an early xmas booze up and were last seen in a karaoke bar in paddington singing along to robbie williams songs!
    Is this true????????

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    They went in to a room a play around with the game and haven't been seen since.

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    Just as I argued earlier - EIDOS' first problem is denial of problems. They overpromise but underdeliver. What is going on with this subject is just another evidence.
    Let's hope the EIDOS High Management does not drag back the DEV team with this attitude.

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    Overpromise and then fail to deliver? That's been the story with gaming since the 90s.

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    I think its D-Day + 17 ,anyone else feeling uninformed??????

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    Originally Posted by raston
    I think its D-Day + 17 ,anyone else feeling uninformed??????
    I think all of us are.

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    I guess the explanation this time will be that nobody works at EIDOS between Xmas and New Year. It looks like they can afford to do it...

    So stay tuned until 5th of January at least... 2 cents...

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    wow.......still waiting

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    D-Day + 24........................Almost a month since we were told..."its only days away"

    How long does it take to grow a mushroom?
    I hope the sarcasm isnt wasted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Be sure to check tommorrow.

    That is all.

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    Not bad at all mike.....22 mins for an answer.....i bet you were waiting,expectantly at your k board waiting for the 1st one to moan!!!

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