Thread: Deus EX 2 crashing before going to main menu

Deus EX 2 crashing before going to main menu

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    Unhappy Deus EX 2 crashing before going to main menu


    I just signed up to this website and I am new. The Deus Ex series are my favourite games from Eidos so far. I am currently playing the second one. I bought it through Steam so I play through Steam online and only recently I am having some problems.

    When I click on the Deus EX 2 desktop icon or start the game through the Start Menu the game crashes before it gets to the Main Menu. In Windows task Manager under Applications it says it is running and then after a few seconds it says its not responding and disappears.

    Before this incident the last few time I played the game it crashed a few times while I was playing, in between loading times. I am going to install the patch update 1.2 but if that doesn't work what should I do?

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    Go for a full uninstall-reinstall if you can. To make sure the uninstall works, also delete the DXIW directory (or whatever your main game directory is called), and delete the DXIW directory in your My Documents folder (again, whatever it's called).

    Note that it's a good idea to make full menu saves as you progress through the game. If the game is consistently crashing, going to an earlier saved game can solve the problem.

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    Cool Deus EX IW Problems


    Ok! Thanks for the advice. Where is a safe site to download the Dues Ex 2 patch 1.2?