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Thread: Did you enjoy TRU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rg_001100 View Post
    UDF is a different style to TR; they are comparable in many respects, but they're for two different groups of people, on the whole. Some people will find UDF better, and others TR better. This game is poor compared to RE as a zombie-shooter, and poor compared to Command and Conquer as a strategy game.

    Drake's is a shooter with platforming and exploration.

    TR is platforming and exploration with shooting (if that is what you want to call combat in TR:U.)

    While they are on the same planet they are different countries if not different continents. A case of the proverbial Drake is organes and Lara is apples. Typically I prefer apples even if they aren't as fresh as other available fruit. I can be set in my ways and stick with the familiar. Yet if the apples are really not fresh or bruised or haven't been cared for properly I'll get organes.

    The other thing about fruit is sometimes a farmer or store won't take care of the apples to the point that I'll seek apples and organes and lettuce and tomatos somewhere else.

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    I can't wait for my copy!

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    well I am loving it so far. It feels a bit old skool which is great. one or two bugs, but they don't bother me becaseu the game itslef on the whole works really well.
    the frustration factor is back
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    stupid AUTOSAVE!

    gosh....I am getting really ticked off now. For some strange reason (I think it has something to do with logging on and off of certain computer accounts, I really have no clue), my autosave has restarted TWICE, and I've had to replay all of my progress in the game two times already.
    You see, the first time, I was playing for like 4 days, and I got to the Mexico-Xibalba level, and then I stopped playing, and my sister came over the next day and she logged onto the other computer account, played the game, and then logged off. Later, when I went back onto the game, a message came up saying something like "Tomb Raider Underworld needs to create an autosave in order to save game progress. Would you like for the game to create an autosave?" and I was like..... NO! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME??!!!
    Then....I played the game the entire day on Saturday and Sunday, and I got all the way to Jan Mayen Island. Then I stopped playing for like an hour while my mother used the computer, and then I got back on, and IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!!!! I started flipping out and I was SOOOOOO ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED!!!! I got more than halfway through the game.....and I had to start over from the very beginning.....(and YES i manually save throughout the levels almost at every checkpoint, so that most certainly cannot be the problem)

    I don't have the slightest idea why this has happened to me, but I'll just be VERY CAREFUL and make sure not to mess around with anything on my computer until I finish the game.
    I seem to have the most horrible luck with these autosaves... First, when I got Legend, I played Bolivia, Peru, and Japan all in one sitting, and then I quit for a couple of minutes, got back on the game, and I made it all the way to Bolivia Redux....the next day, I load the game. And it jumped me back all the way to Japan. (but don't worry, that happened to me almost a year ago, and the second time I made sure that I took a break in between every single level so that it saved each one properly. )
    Then the same thing happened to Anniversary (which was also quite a long while ago); I was playing the game (this was on a laptop this time, not a desktop, which is what I'm using nowadays) and I was at the end of Egypt, and I loaded the game once more and it said that "The autosave is broken and will be recreated.".......
    strange, huh?
    (and once again, no worries, I finished the game within the next two weeks)

    So.....HOPEFULLY, this problem will not occur once again, because I want to finish this game and ENJOY IT without this ongoing flaw that forces me to keep replaying the same exact levels over and over and over again.....

    Other than that, I love this game... NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!

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    this game can't hold a nutsack to Drakes: Uncharted
    Not only is what RG said completely true, but Drake borrowed HEAVILY from TR.
    If it weren’t for TR, Drake wouldn't have been. Don't get me wrong, I loved playing Drake and I'll by 2 when it comes out, but it's still derivative.

    BTW, I beat Drake too
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    I do currently enjoy the game even though it does annoy me in some areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by serendipity View Post
    I liked it, except for 2 things - I haven't played Legend and Anniversary, so compared to the previous games - it was short and the puzzles were not very hard.
    I've played both Legend and Anniversary many, many times over. They are both very short games. I can complete Legend in an afternoon. Anniversary, in about a day.
    I agree, compared to the other games, they're extremely short. It does kinda suck. The puzzles are also less hateful.

    You should definitely play Legend and Anniversary, in that order, whenever you get a chance. They're fun games. Legend is a new feel, which bleeds a bit into Underworld. But Anniversary does justice to Tomb Raider.

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    jan mayen island!

    haHA! I've finally gotten back to Jan Mayen Island after recovering from the 2nd game-restart.
    I don't think this is a, definitely not a glitch, but some advice or a....a shortcut, let's just say. well, you know how you have to ride down that very long spiraling ramp at the beginning of the level and how you encounter 3 thralls on the way down? I know that it's easy just to run them over, or just pass by them while on the bike when you're making your way down, but to save the trouble for anyone who doesn't necessarily enjoy fighting a surplus amount of thralls, then do this little trick to get rid of each of the 3 thralls before hand.
    Standing at the entrance after the second cutscene where Lara overlooks the long spiraling ramp, kill the first thrall sitting on the block ahead as you would usually do, (either by approaching it and shooting until it falls and smashing its bones, or before it notices you, turn on manual aim and throw a grenade to fully destroy the thrall) and then walk over to the elevated broken area of the ramp where you find three breakable jars and a health potion (you can take these if you want). Then, walk as close as you can to the ledge (without falling off) and turn on precision aim to look down over the ledge of the ramp to spot a thrall standing on a much lower area of the long ramp. After aiming the grey target a couple of inches (on the screen) above the thrall's head, throw a grenade, and watch as it lands a few feet in front of the thrall and within seconds, exploding the first thrall to smitherines. then turn around, slightly back up, and you'll spot another thrall sitting below on a far, low area of the ramp. Repeat the same "grenade-aiming-and-far-throwing" process with the second thrall.
    Now, go back to the bike, get on, and ride down the ramp until you reach the first dangerously large gap off to the right of the road. Get off the bike, and once again, walk as close to ledge beside the gap, and go into precision aim. Look over the ledge, and far, far down below under the ledge where you were bombarding the other two thralls before and there you'll see the final thrall of the three that attack you on your flight down to the bottom. Do the exact same thing you've done with the other two thralls.

    And viola`, now on your entire journey down to the gate at the bottom will be thrall-free....(that is, until you finish the next cinematic... ) now I am off to continue my own gaming in the Underworld. muahahaha....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frimmel View Post
    A case of the proverbial Drake is organes and Lara is apples.
    I like to think of it like TR as James Bond, and UDF as Jason Bourne.

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    I enjoyed the game, but i know it's not perfect. In my opinion TRA is realy much better than TRU cause some Reasons, like Laras Mansion etc. etc. But it doesn't mean that TRU is a bad game, so my choice is "somewere in the middle"^^

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    It was fairly good on DS. But I wish I could of played it on PC. The guy at Best Buy said we would have to buy a new computer to play it.
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    I was dispointed

    I cant seem to finish this game so Im not going to vote but I think Im on the last level and I have to say that so far Ive been really dissapointed.

    There was nothing really that impresive in the game and it felt like a choir to play sometimes. Also the presentation wasnt to great especially areas like
    which I though were just plain ugly and there are so many sections were there is no music, probably to create 'atmosphere', which I thought just made everything more dull.

    The story was pretty good I guess.

    I didnt really like Anniversary either. The only game Ive enjoyed is Legend and thats the reason I bought the next two games but so far none of them have lived up to Legend. Underworld aloing with Anniversary is enough to once again turn me off the Tomb Raider franchise.

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    The game and graphics are good.The disadvantage are the game too short and Amanda look not very vell.In Tomb Raider Legend she look much better.

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    I like the game, completed it today, the controls are still something to get used to but I'm not sure whether I will play a second time yet, I may move on to other games for the timebeing, its a good game but it could have been a bit longer as well.

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    I just finished it after about 3 days playing it.
    Figured the puzzles were ok but not quite hard enough. Too logical if that makes any sense.

    The story got a bit confusing and I am sick of amanda and natla.

    Needs a fresh direction now I feel. Overall though the best I have played from CD.

    Graphics were mostly nice, but the bump mapping was a bit noisy overall.

    Thailand and Mexico were the most fun for me. The hammer/Thor stuff was bit gloomy for my liking
    I do feel that it was fun though and as good as TR 5
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    Yes i enjoyed TRU very much. I can safely say its the best TR so far. I love how CD changed Lara's appearance i think she looks much better and sexier now. I will replay the game for sure but not right away, i also like the new changed natla and amanda. Played it on my pc with all the settings maxed out and am really amazed with the detail of the characters (especially Lara) as well as the environment. Thumbs up for CD i enjoyed every second of the game, i only wish they made it longer. I think they had the right idea in Anniversary, heh i know some people might have hated the looong levels and the puzzles but the game was longer because of that. I know some people criticize Lara's curves and i cant see why, hmm maybe they played it on poor graphics and it made her look funky?? She looks great in Underground and i hope she stays that way, Alison Carroll was the perfect model for the job . I hope that this isn't the end of the adventures of sexy miss archaeologist. In new TR i'd like to see again longer levels with more complicated puzzles although i think the ones here were ok, although they could have made them a bit harder, but anyways the game is absolutely wonderfull so again thx CD you do not dissapoint !!

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    Big Grin

    I, myself, loved this game.

    One of the best games I have ever played, so much detail, so much excitement, I enjoyed every second I was playing, even counting when I died and got stuck on puzzles. I can't really see how people can dislike it when they waited months for it and are Tomb Raider fans. But thats just my opinion.
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    I enjoyed it, I thought it was pretty short at first, until I looked at my clock and realised how long I actually spent playing it.

    With my other games I just play them for about a hour or two and then take a break, but with Underworld I ended up spending half a day (each day) on it.

    Now I'm trying to get all the achievements and treasures, which may take a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rg_001100 View Post
    I like to think of it like TR as James Bond, and UDF as Jason Bourne.
    Well not really the analogy I was driving at, but Bond (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) did take a bunch of hints from the new kid Bourne while not becoming a copy of those films.

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    Thumbs Up

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Croft View Post
    Yep, loved the game. It's EPIC
    Played in the PS3 and didn't have a single problem
    Same here
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    - Lara Croft

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    It was great but a bit short, n I'd like it if the unlockables included outfits rather than just concept art. I miss her mansion too but I guess they couldn't have us explore that after it blew up...heh. Hope they have one of her other mansions in the next though.

    EDIT: Oh yeah one more thing, WAAAAAAAAAAAY too many bugs on the 360 version, dunno if the PS3 or PC ones have em too but damn it was annoying lol.

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    Even though it was kinda short, I enjoyed TRU immensely. <3 Imo the best TR game to date. There were several bugs, yes, but just small things like Lara getting stuck or the camera bugging out, and I usually tend to not let these kinds of minor mistakes annoy me. Still, I think the good outweighs the bad. Big time.

    Now all there's left to do is wait for the next game. c:
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    this game is so good i wanted it to last forever

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    i never really expierienced any bugs until i completed the game when there is a grenade always on her left butt cheek it just floats ther and i goes away if you throw it and has any one found the glitch where lara has a gun in her hand

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