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Thread: Did you enjoy TRU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pot View Post
    there are a few issues ...namely the number of invisible walls you seem to encounter and the inability to climb onto blocks and walls that she should really be able to. Even if it's not necessary to progress in the game they should still allow this, makes the game more realistic and less like the game giving you clues about what to do next.
    I totally agree. 'Wasting time' looking for and trying to climb up the wrong part of walls, trees and cliffs and then having to carefully climb down again because we got the wrong path should be all part of the game, and indeed it used to be on TR's1-3. In fact there really were often two or three ways to climb up to something in the early games. Say what you like about CORE, but that was what I call a proper game engine, because you always had a consistent mechanical rule to Lara's abilities in the mathematical construction of the game-world's matrix, so that you could strategize and make your own path even it wasn't programmed or anticipated by the game-coders.
    Climbing was the one of the most satisfying activities for me in the early TR's. There's a great sense of achievement while you're scaling a great height, and great realism and more time-value in the game even when you get it wrong. (I hate to fall too many times though. That does get discouraging!)
    But the 'one route only' setup of Underworld is very disappointing, and cheap!
    Tomb Raider isn't just about attaining goals. It's about exploring, or it used to be, but not any more.
    You know what I'd like? A mountain-climbing game. Not necessarily Tomb Raider. But no-one seems to make one. A game where you can plan different routes up a mountain, and some will fail, and you have to strategise and ration your food, ropes and pitons, the way you had to learn to ration your save crystals in TR3. A game that's slow and laborious and tinged with possible failure at every turn, even after weeks of work and planning, just like climbing a real mountain. The early TR's gave me a taste for that.

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    ^^Couldn't have put it better myself. I loved the original three, for all the reasons you just stated and more. Another thing about the game giving you clues, I hate it also when the camera pans round in some way as if to say pretty much HERE'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, NO NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL. Even sometimes when you've already worked out what to do. Sometimes this can cause problems as well, for example in the Thailand level when she is going along those corridors with the ledges, at the end of one bit the camera pans round and makes it really awkward to get the direction on her jump because it wont allow you to pan it back.

    Other than that I am enjoying the game immensely and it is bringing back lots of nostalgic memories, it's fun leaping around seamlessly (at least most of the time) once you get the hang of the controls, but too much of the accuracy required to make jumps is pre-programmed into the game to auto-correct so you do need to be that precise. It feels kind of like cheating. It took me ages to get used to walking near edges thinking that Lara is going to fall to her death. I preferred it when you could slow her down using one of the finger buttons on the PSX so she didn't fall off. I miss the lining up to the edge of blocks, one square back run and jump, hold x to grab ledge.

    As for the linearity of the game, it's not as bad Legend. I'm currently running around the jungle in Mexico a bit lost about what to do and the game is allowing me to go anywhere I want within that level, which is pretty big I'd say so in that respect the game is still quite non-linear. You have to accept that the original Tomb Raiders also had an element of linearity built into the game play, it's difficult to avoid this. They did however give you more of a sense that you were wandering around of your own accord within this vast landscape than the new games do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pot View Post
    ^^You have to accept that the original Tomb Raiders also had an element of linearity built into the game play, it's difficult to avoid this. They did however give you more of a sense that you were wandering around of your own accord within this vast landscape than the new games do.

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    Underworld is a nice game and I enjoyed every second of it, even though for some reason I tend to treat it as a game separate from the series. The graphics were very pleasant to look at, so were the locations and the storyboard, I loved how it was (loosely, but still) based on the Norse mythology which is by far my favourite. My only complaint was that the 2 extra levels were available only for xbox users, it felt unfair.

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    i really enjoyed tomb raider underworld, their were a few bit's that was kinda annoying, but i loved every minute of the game.

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    people say it's one of the worst tomb raider's, but i really dont think it is, the story and concept of the game was fantastic.

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    Overall I loved Tomb Raider Underworld and what it brought to the franchise. Super stunning graphics and visuals, along with what I thought to be, a well written storyline. Controls were easy to use, not too much different from Legend. I bought it in three platforms, including PC/DS/ & XBOX 360. It was visually exciting and stunning, which makes me even more excited for the release of TR9.
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    I loved Tomb Raider: Underworld! I was really enchanted by the history. Too bad I don't have an Xbox to play Beneath the Ashes and Lara's Shadow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kates View Post
    Too bad I don't have an Xbox to play Beneath the Ashes and Lara's Shadow
    I know the feeling I've watched them both on YouTube many times, and it looks plain awesome, I hope I'll get to play it myself someday

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    I enjoy, but the version I have, the PS2, was less quality and skipping parts, but still interesting to play.

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    I enjoy it in my PS3, but it was a litlte short. My favorite part was Thailand.

    Other levels were too dark.
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    yes i enjoyd underworld

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    I choose somewhere in the middle as the game is so amazing on first playthrough but isn't great for further play or post game stuff. The controls, puzzles and graphics were great.

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    Yeah, Underworld was great. Now it's almost time to enjoy, ekhem, new Tomb Raider, one without any subtitle .

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    The only thing i enjoyed about it were its flawless graphics.

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    Yes I enjoyed TRU ! the levels are just wonderful !
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    I found Underworld really enjoyable, and it was one of my favorite Tomb Raider games thus far!
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    I'm enjoying it so far! (this is my first playthrough - it passed me by first time around!)
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    I voted "Somewhere in the middle."
    I loved the locations, I only thought it had too much combat and not enough challenge in the puzzels.

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    YES i am LOVING it beautiful game and the first of the series which uses the full potential of modern computers yet does not try to do so much detail that it is unplayable or demands the latest and most expensive machines. It is a lovely game and this version of Lara is superb i love her. I hope for more titles in the series like this one.
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    I really loved TRU i thought this was the last time we was going to see Lara Croft on her adventure, because she notice that her mother dies, at the end, but then when i search Tomb Raider on then Tomb Raider showed up but then it look like Lara Croft in the images, but then i said to myself "Thats not Lara Croft!" Because here of cause she is young, she looked more different then how she used to be!

    BTW I choose yes at the poll!

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    I have seen that so many people dont like the game, and i felt a little dissapointed, so i wanted to see, "by a show of hands taruhan bola online ", so to speek. how many of us realy didn't enjoy TRU..!!!

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    Yeah. I enjoy this. I always play TRU.

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    Yeah i enjoyed this game its one of my favorites.

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