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Thread: Screenshot Competition Round XXXVI - Voting

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    Screenshot Competition Round XXXVI - Voting

    This is the voting thread for Round XXXVI of the Screenshot Competition.

    * Voting will last for 7 days.

    * Entrants may not vote for their own entries. Non-participants are welcome to cast a vote and points shall be awarded on a scale of 1-3.

    • Vote 3 points for your favourite entry.
    • Vote 2 points for your second favourite entry.
    • Vote 1 point for your third favourite entry.

    * For clarity, please add the word "points" or "point" to the numbers you assign. Also, to avoid confusion, please do not abbreviate member names.

    * The entrant(s) with the most points upon closure of the voting will get to choose the two themes for the next round.

    Voting for this round starts 01/12 and will run until 08/12.

    The screenshots for Round XXXVI were from two themes:

    Theme 1
    Lara fighting, shooting or jumping, but ONLY from CUTSCENES

    Theme 2
    Old Mill
    Tomb Raider Chronicles

    Entries: (click to view)
    Ola - " ... I'm sorry father.." Or maybe Natla?
    Love2Raid - Explosive Airtime
    rg_001100 - Seen enough?
    Spong - The old 'gas tank as a shield' trick never failed...
    Devil666- You american?
    Rai - Lara gives Natla a headache
    Goar - Descend

    And remember, keep your non-voting comments to this thread

    Good luck everyone
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    3 Points - Rai
    2 Points - Goar
    1 Point - Spong

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    3 Points - Rai: I love the angle of this scene, it's very dramatic.
    2 points - Love2Raid: It looks like Lara is struggling to hold on!
    1 point - Spong: The expression on Lara's face is classic, she seems concerned, yet confused at the same time.
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    Goar - 3 pts (I am very pleased to see that you've posted an entry! It is lovely!)
    Ola - 2 pts (I just love that part of Anniversary)
    Spong - 1 pt
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Love2Raid: 3 points
    Devil: 2 points
    Goar: 1 point

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    Spong- 3 points (I love Lara's expression, is it okay if I use it as my desktop wallpaper? ).
    RG- 2 points (It's from my favourite TR cutscene).
    Love2Raid- 1 point (I love the costume and also how Lara escapes the explosion in that cutscene).

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    Rai- 3 points
    Spong- 2 points
    Ola- 1 point

    Great entries everyone, very hard to choose!
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    3 Points- Ola
    2 Points- Spong
    1 Point- Devil666

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    Cool Epic entries everyone !

    3 points - Love2Raid (Love that scene )
    2 points - Goar (My favourite of the classics )
    1 point - Rai (Soo funny )
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    Here are my choices:

    Love2Raid - 3 points
    Devil666 - 2 points
    Goar - 1 point

    Good shots from everyone, good luck all!

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    3 Points: Love2Raid
    2 Points: Rai
    1 Point: Spong

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    3 points - Love2Raid
    2 points - rg_001100
    1 point - Rai

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    Results will be up shortly.
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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