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Thread: Using PS3 Controller on PC version via Bluetooth Wireless

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    Using PS3 Controller on PC version via Bluetooth Wireless

    Hello, I'm new but just wanna spread the love! Tried this guide here and it works!!

    I can use my Dualshock 3 to play Tomb Raider Underworld using bluetooth! Should work for Sixaxis too. BTW TRU rocks!

    Here's a short quote, visit the site for more details!

    - Firstly, we need to download some files!

    Bluetooth dongle (must be 2.0 above!)
    Libusb32 drivers (v0.1.12.1 works in Vista, tested, please read my note at the end of the post): Link
    BtSix 1.5c (credits to 89ron) : Link
    Microsoft Visual C++ Library (when you get Application error for BtSix): Link
    PPJoy 0.83 (configures buttons): Link | Homepage
    FreeBT driver (allows BtSix to access dongle): Link

    *Added Tomb Raider Underworld PC button mapping.
    *BtSix 1.5b/c supports vibration and is detected as Xbox360 controller.
    *Vista 64 bit section at the end.
    *Dead Space PC works with PS3 controller (SIXAXIS / Dualshock3).
    *Dead Space PC button mapping fixed.
    - OK, here goes!

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    How do you connect a bluetooth hands free headset to a cell phone?
    My grandparents got bluetooth headsets for their cell phones and asked me to help get them set up. I dont quite understand how and i need help please! Any help would be great! Thanks.

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    Usually you just have to make sure your device is switched on and then search for bluetooth devices. Although some phones have a separate 'headset' function in the bluetooth menu or accessories menu.
    It's been a long time since a came around, been a long time but I'm back in town.

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    Is a Bluetooth any better than a gold one?

    Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm so out of touch I keep calling my brother's phone a Blueberry
    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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    Although some phones have a separate 'headset' function in the bluetooth menu or accessories menu.
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    Do you know anyone else with a PS3? If so, try installing the game to their machine and see what happens.

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    PS3 controller not working

    Hello ppl,

    Initially, my controller was recognised in the game under the game controls menu but didnt work. then I have installed my PS3 controller using motionjoy all the tests show the controller to be working but now in the game's control options it doesnt even come up on the drop down list in the add gamepad menu....????? Pls help

    Cheers Andy

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    Don't know about the PS3 one, but from my own testing and research – the wireless Xbox 360 won't work using just the play and charge kit. It CAN be made to work using a special adapter (can't remember what it's called), but you can also just buy Xbox 360 controllers specially made to work with both PC and Xbox.

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    how to use a wifi phone

    do you familar with the use of wifi phone.recently,i bought one cheap wifi phone but there seems a little problem to use it.

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    hi, friends, here you can get kinds of electronics including smartphones, tablets, bluetools:

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