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Thread: Screenshot Competition Round XXXV - Results

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    Screenshot Competition Round XXXV - Results

    A round with limited number of entries this time, here's hoping for more entries next week.

    As for Screenshot Competition Round XXXV:
    In 4th place, Goar, with 16 points.
    In 3rd place, Love2Raid, with 21 points.
    In 2nd place, Jezyk, with 30 points.
    and, In 1st place, with 35 points:
    Devil666, with the entry: "You're watching "JAWS" ... Starring Lara Croft"

    Congrats Devil666.

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    Congrats Devil666. Looking forward to the next round. As RG says, let us hope there are more entries this time.

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    I loved looking at all of these, its partly why i joined here

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    Quote Originally Posted by princess_peach View Post
    I loved looking at all of these, its partly why i joined here
    Feel free to enter into the next round when it comes up, then. (So long as you have some sort of TR game/demo on your computer, you can enter).

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    Sadly I dont </3 otherwise id try lol my computer is to toooo rubbish and slow and without memory, i look forward to seeing the new ones though lots of people should enter, i guess they might with underworld out now, i hope so anyway

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    wee Thank you all ... (oops)
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Congratulations Devil666!

    I hope there will be more entries next round
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