well, i own the wii version of the game and i dont know if its a glitch or somthing similar, but my game froze at the end of the mexico level. Im quite a patient person when it comes to games, but working 2 hours on the game, and having to start from the begining of the level again is just unbearable.

I havn't had a chance to re-try yet, because im to angry and anoyed to start playing again. I suppose i'll re-try tomorrow and see what happens. To be honest it wouldnt supprise me if it is'nt a glitch or a floor to the game, that it is infact a developer blunder or whatever. Other people seem to be experiencing other blunders in the wii version of the game, such as the dissapearance of the lever in the end of the Thiland level.

I'll try again tomorrow and see if it freezes again.
Please post a responce if you have experienced this problem, or have any advise
Thank you