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Thread: **Official User Reviews Thread**

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    Give the game an overall score 7/10
    Tell us what platform you played on. PS3
    What you liked/disliked about the game.
    Liked the graphics of course
    Disliked Music, length (too short) and replayability

    Feel free to give ratings on anything else like:
    Music/SFX: 5/10 (dosn't match up to Core TR games)
    Puzzles 6/10 (like more keys and levers)
    Graphics 11/10 (incredible)
    Environments 7/10 (good but needed more variety)
    Enemies/Combat 5/10 (needed more variation)
    Controls 8/10 (sometimes Lara's moves are too fancy)
    Camera 8/10

    Overall it's not a bad game but not the best either. I would say the makers should look towards the older TR games and see how massive they actually are. It seems too much effort was put in to the incredible graphics and not quite enough into the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LC is Me View Post
    Mine is pretty long so I just made it a separate topic.
    It's on the Wii version.
    To be honest, I think you are being waaaay too nice. I give that game a 3/10. EXTREMELY downgraded, and even then, tons of glitches to go around. Environments good, Lara HORRIBLE( didn't even glisten when wet) and having to murder myself trying to land a damn jump on the stupid thralls after knocking them down. I knew this would be downgraded . . . but this game was ATROCIOUS!
    "Cheese is nice. Practically perfect in every way." And no, I DIDN'T STEAL THAT FROM MARY POPPINS!

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    Music/SFX 10
    Puzzles 8
    Graphics 10
    Environments 10
    Enemies/Combat 7
    Controls 9
    Camera 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatam1 View Post
    Music/SFX 10
    Puzzles 8
    Graphics 10
    Environments 10
    Enemies/Combat 7
    Controls 9
    Camera 9
    Xbox 360, I presume?
    "Cheese is nice. Practically perfect in every way." And no, I DIDN'T STEAL THAT FROM MARY POPPINS!

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    Overall Score 8/10
    Platform: PC

    I really liked the animations, and the voice acting was good.
    The acrobatics was entertaining, and I felt that the various locations offered a good deal of exploration.
    On the negative side I would mention that I thought the game was too short and the variation on the puzzles was quite few. The puzzles was also a tad too easy, but not a major concern.

    Music/SFX 8/10
    Puzzles 6/10
    Graphics 10/10
    Environments 9/10
    Enemies/Combat 6/10
    Controls 8/10
    Camera 8/10

    Well done, I am looking forward for another

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    Rants, Raves, & Wishlist (for Eidos Marketing Team)

    Underworld Rants, Raves, & Wishlist

    This note is solely for Eidos’ Marketing Team to make a better game next time..

    I’ve played EVERY Tomb Raider game & expansion (gold) pack since TR1. If you wonder why I took so long since the game was first released – I learned something from TR5 and TR6: I wait 6-12 months until you guys fix the bugs – then I purchase the game and play it. From various game forums, I discovered five (5) TRU show-stopper bugs so I’m glad I waited - and your guys finally fixed SOME of those bugs. So here it goes….


    You FINALLY got the grapple to work right – instead of always taking a “leap of faith” then hopping it would hook.

    You FINALLY got her to swim correctly without snags. Good job!! However when she’s on scuba, she needs to wear FINS with booties. When out of the water, she wears only the booties to protect her feet – not running around barefoot – that’s ridiculous. We scuba divers notice such things.

    Sonar MAP. Great idea. Probably needs an INFRARED option to spot critters in the dark (handy for a tomb raider) and show weak heat trails of critters or people that recently occupied the path and can show the difference between footprints, pawprints, or wiggles (snake). Perhaps include this with the camera.

    No boss battles – considering every game has had some serious bug, good riddance. If you decide to reinstate the bosses, then give us the option to “Skip Boss? Yes/No” so the bug will not be a show-stopper. Also include some “brains” in fighting a boss – some place to tactically hide & be clever instead of the FLAT open of just [boring] running, jumping & shooting. That’s not realistic or challenging. Other great games require player “smarts” to take out a boss INDIRECTLY – like disabling a force field & flooding the area – or knocking over a high-voltage line that drops on the enemy – or shooting a propane tank when they walk near. Former TR games really missed lots of great opportunities like that.

    Great 2-level helps. This is especially handy when deciding to leave a place and determining if there is any unfinished business there.

    STICKY GRENADES: Love ‘em – however when thrown & stuck to an enemy, the delay is too long. One second should be good enough before detonation.

    AMMO: glad we’re not running all over the place looking for ammo & flares. We can instead, focus on enjoying the game. Good job!

    Good that after nine (9) TR games to FINALLY wrap up and finish (once and for all) Lara’s enemies – and solve her parent’s whereabouts and mysteries. Lets’ move on to new things.

    STORY: the TRU story was rather good – however I was hoping for an unexpected surprise at the end like a dialogue between Lara and her mother (or what’s left of her). You need a good story writer.


    Please receive this as constructive criticism. TRU didn’t get there from TR1 in a vacuum. Obviously there was input from countless TR players like me.

    The game crashed about 20 times – almost always during a 6th or 7th SAVE. This is a tell-tale signature (as in other games) that the developers are gobbling up resources and not freeing them. This happens when there is lack of coordination between developers and adherence to programming standards – I should know; I’ve been programming over 30 years.

    The PDA needs to have ONE panel to navigate directly to any [colored] target with ONE click – not multiple panels to get there. A simple HIERARCHIAL menu (indented) can do the job just fine – similar to the Windows Folder Explorer. You also need a hotkey to take you there – like the sonar map.

    Whoever designed the so-called SAVE methodology & panel has sawdust for brains. EVERY game I’ve ever played has the most current save at the TOP and doesn’t require the player going to the BOTTOM to find an unused slot for a save. That is lubricious. Above the most current [shown] save should be a slot for NEW SAVE or overwrite an existing one shown by clicking on it.

    Regarding SAVES, let’s not re-invent the wheel. Most all other “reputable” games have a PF key for QUCK saves and QUICK load. In regard to LOAD to the last “checkpoint” --- the only way I could get there is to kill Lara. Really, you don’t have to be creative here – just emulate the “common sense” of other great games.

    An OPTION needs to be to set to VISUALLY show when a checkpoint was done – like the letters CHKP in the upper left corner – then fade in a few seconds. This will help us save at the right place.

    The SAVES and LOADS panel should be accompanied by a small PHOTO to indicate where the SAVE was done. Since the last couple of TR games do not have “TRUE” saves but these damnable checkpoints (Grrrr!) this would come in handy. With other great games like Bioshock, Fallout-3, FryCry2 & others, there is NO REASON you should force us into SAVEPOINTS. Other TR players are hopping mad about this too. Make the game where the player can save at ANY place like the older games. Modern games (as mentioned) don’t have savepoints so why should TR? Shoving savepoints down our throats – eliminates lots of experiments we players like to do.

    WEAPONS: we don’t need to sift thru a superfluous PDA panel to select the weapons. TR games have always allowed us to cycle thru ALL weapons. Here again, most games use a numeric key for faster selection than cycling sequentially thru them all. The greatest games (like Deus Ex-1) allow either a hotkey for a particular weapon or PAUSE & select the weapon --- since how many times have you selected the WRONG weapon in a shootout?

    The “adrenaline” head shot requirements are still as asinine as it was in previous games. Besides the long LAUNDRY LIST of prerequisites that must occur, why not ALSO include the requirement that the moon must be full & aardvarks are mating? In all other games, you press ONE button for a few seconds of slow motion – no other requirements. If you are obstinate on the issue, then okay: Lara needs “adrenaline” to show on the meter – then press a button for a few seconds of slow-mo. In TRU, you had that in several places where a jump was required, or to dodge Natal’s energy bolts so do the same elsewhere.

    You would think after eleven (11) years of Tomb Raiding since TR1 – the CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT of Lara killing Natal would be more dramatic and detailed instead of throw hammer & poof, it’s over for Natla. Lacking some creativity there? Surely a “grand finale” would be in order. Most game forums give the gold, silver, & bronze metal of the BEST grand finale to the game Max Payne-1 (and I agree, it was the best). A slow-mo throwing of the hammer with rainbow streaks & awesome sound effects, then camera switch to the opposite side of Natal’s head, showing the approaching hammer. Then a slow-mo and momentary STOP when the hammer begins to crush into her skull (like when Neo in the Matrix planted his fist into the bad guys cheek). After 11 years of this Natla nemesis, this FINALLY gives us all a chance to shout “YES!!”.


    Lara needs a tan – baby pink doesn’t cut it if she’s been out in the sun much.

    In recent games, you’ve designed Lara to AUTOMATICALLY grab. How about AUTOMATICALLY jump up between narrow walls (chimney jump). The player only needs to press jump ONCE, then left & right until she’s at the top.

    TRAINING: When using a new feature, it would be good to have a training level, like using the good old Sam Fisher jump up the walls (back and forth) as Lara is required to do in some places. I would liked to have practiced multiple target shooting. If there was a training level, I missed it. Anniversary was excellent in that you could practice many of her new moves in her gym.

    The Croft manor was a real landmark that goes with Lara. You’re going to have to be pretty clever to come up with something innovative to replace it. Likely you’ve already have a female counterpart to replace Alistair – and I DO hope she has a British or Aussie accent.


    I know the game is fiction – but really guys, Lara pulls her YACHT up next to a ship and nobody notices? In “taking it back”, the cut scene could have had Lara use an underwater scooter to sneak up next to the ship’s anchor chain. Also unrealistic is giving the player the option for Lara to wear a light “shorty” wet suit under the Arctic ice. Even a dry suit would be challenging.

    Except for some menu options, saves, and small game issues, I think you’ve got the MECHANICS down good. Don’t succumb to the game magazine reviews of branding a series as “same old thing” or “nothing new”. We don’t throw away the WHEEL because it’s been around 50,000 years. In like manner – just keep the story interesting, challenging (not frustrating), and FUN (I love driving over bad guys with a jeep). A little HUMOR now and then is in order. Hire some AWESOME story writers (that are TR players). That single issue makes the difference between a “good” game and “great” game.

    REPLAYABILITY: have alternate ways to get somewhere: jeep, snowmobile, motorcycle, hang glider, zip line, underwater. Have the player want to replay the game to try different things ---- and using savepoints is NOT the way to do it. There are many games that have multiple endings depending on the decisions made near the end.

    After nine (9) games you’d think Lara would finally GET IT when it comes to having her treasures robbed from her immediately after she finds them. Equip her with some “smart” proximity mines to deploy & retrieve (that don’t detonate when she’s near). We players just LOVE it when you give us the opportunity to outsmart the enemies. Laura blundering into a bunch of enemies that beat her up and seal everything she’s got is getting to be old & boring.

    For new games, consider RADICAL tomb raiding. Ultra deep under the earth. Have Lara get caught in a “warp” to raid tombs in other worlds. This raises the ceiling for boundless innovation. Have Lara get caught in a “time shift” where she goes back in time to when the tombs were built to find interesting clues and solve fascinating puzzles (other than duhhh, find a key at the bottom of the lake). Make it an adventure game to blow one’s mind. Get realistic, computer geeks are NOT good story writers since they have the LEFT side of their brain highly developed. So you need a good story writer (RIGHT brained developed) to provide a knock-you dead GREAT story with TONS of unexpected surprises.

    Thank you for your consideration of our suggestions.

    Rate 8
    Computer: $11,000 custom built:
    4GB memory
    four 3GHZ processors
    four (stacked) video cards
    1.5 TB disk (3 disks) one dedicated to game only

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    Over all awesome game 9/10 - PC
    My first tomb raider experience. completed it on Master Survivalist and found all treasures/relics. Now this teacup wants more TB

    Pro's: The environments/scenery are awesome and the music went well with it. Thailand was may favorite, I even leave it running if I'm doing something at my desk to look at and listen to. The core game play, mechanics and animation have a good/solid feel to them and really brought the game to life.

    Con's: glitches/bugs, stuck in Thailand for 4hrs not being able to pull down a snake statue to brake threw the floor. Also the blocks u put on the floor switches glitched out on me and when i put them down they would FLY half way down the corridor. So I had to throw them on to the switches. I did use this to my advantage and used to move them faster. Also to get them threw doors that u had to stand on the switch and throw them. There is also getting stock on random ruble and the only real way that i found to get out of it was to pull out the guns and jump. It was a bit too linear/one way in my point of view.

    Music/SFX: 10/10
    Puzzles: 7/10 good overall puzzles could make some have alil more to it
    Graphics: 10/10 Some ghosting in 3d but wasn't originally made for 3d
    Environments: 10/10 awesome really enjoyed it
    Enemies/Combat: 8/10 good, alil stereotypical
    Controls: 8/10
    Camera 6/10 Leaps-o-fates are not fun, and likes to return to default position(have to fight the camera)

    Other Thoughts: Needs more of a training area/intro to get use to and know all the controls. I would have marked it down a bit more due to the glitches/bugs and the camera but i liked the game play and environments. Which i think is the most important part of a game and TR:U really pulled it off.

    PC: Windows 7 64bit
    Intel i7 2600k (4.7ghz)
    msi 580gtx oc twin frozr II
    corsair 8gbs vengeance 1600 (8-8-8-24 1.5v)
    corsair ax750w
    corsair ssd sata3 128gb
    wd black 1tb

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