Thread: crap performance, slow game play...

crap performance, slow game play...

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    crap performance, slow game play...

    I just got this game and installed the 1.2 patch and cannot get smooth gameplay.

    I'm using XP with a pentium m 1.8GHz 512MB of RAM and nVidia GeForce FX go5200 video card. I believe this meets the recommended specs but I still have slow choppy gameplay. I read and followed some steps in the stickies to only slightly improve play, still horrible though.

    any suggestions?

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    The first few levels are pretty messed up. Once you get down to Seattle, things may improve.

    Beyond that, setting all video settings to their lowest option is about all you can do.

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    your system doesn't support TRU, you need to have 1GB RAM; 3.0GHz; and GeForce 6800GT at least,,, go to and check your pc, and give us the results