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Thread: TRU demo error

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    TRU demo error

    Ok, So i downloaded the demo off and just as I try to begin to play it the Setup menu pops up. Ok! This is easy I said to myself. But when I pressed the ok button it said "Tomb Raider: Underworld Error, Failed to initialize Direct 3D with current settings."

    My settings are on default. Anyone know whats wrong?

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    I'm downloading Direct X. But I'm not to sure if that would help.

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    Emmm,you've posted the same thread...

    "From this moment your every breath is a gift from me"!!

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    it means your video card is crap
    get a new one listed in the cards supported section in the readme (costs $$$) or download new drivers for your card (which is free)

    there are loads of threads like these, please check the FAQ first or read the other gazillion threads about the same subject.

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