Thread: Dogs and cats in LR demo?

Dogs and cats in LR demo?

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    Dogs and cats in LR demo?

    I feel like a moron. @square_enix keeps posting screenshots from the LR demo that show dogs and cats, but I haven't seen them at all. Liek the following:

    I'm not even sure I recognize the area that's in. All I found in the demo was the initial building, where I fight some monsters, beat the boss, and then eventually the chaos gets bad, I get warped out by Hope, and the demo's over. What am I missing? Is there a side path somewhere I missed?

    Sorry for the basic question. I appreciate any help y'all can offer!

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    They populate randomly around towns and dungeons. When I played the jp version i never understood why Mr. Kitty would visit the dead dunes, but meh, I guess that's his secret.