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Thread: Any news on TR going multiplayer? downloadable or future releases?

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    Any news on TR going multiplayer? downloadable or future releases?

    Hi all. Very cool community, I had no idea oO. Actually quite refreshing to see such a friendly community backing the TR series.
    I 've recently caught this Tomb Raider
    I played part 1 and 2 long ago on PS2. Been an avid PC gamer for quite awhile now. Was recently looking for something new and refreshing, I found it in TR:L and TR:A. Lookin forward to getting a new video card and playing TR:U also when it's released.
    Anyway, the point of my post. Seems like CD is taking the TR series in a good direction. The game play has evolved quite bit from what I remember. Playing through the last 2 TR games, I got to thinking, wow this would be such a cool game to take to the multiplayer stage. So I searched the web, found very few links about TR going multiplayer. Although I did see that Eidos has looked into the possible options for multiplayer TR.
    Aside from the typical multiplayer type of gaming, I was wondering what types of things Eidos and/or CD have looked in to and if they're still planning on a multiplayer game or game mode for future TR games. Would it be something along the lines of an MMO type of action/adventure game, or something a lil more common like just death match, capture the flag and team puzzle solving type games.
    Also if it would be something that community would have access to modding tools for, I think a couple obvious mods off the bat would be an Indiana Jones mod and an Underworld movie mod. But who knows, just wishful thinking
    Seems like this game is screaming for a multiplayer mode, well, it screams for it to me anyway :/ Would tower above any other 3rd person multiplayer game.
    Any thoughts oO?

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    It's an interesting idea, and there've been a few threads about it before.
    It could be an interesting place to take the TR games, if it's done properly. Multiplayer would be an easy thing to get wrong for TR. Single player's a hard enough feature to get "right" in a TR game.
    It's been considered before by CD, I think, but they said something like "Lara raids alone" (for TR:U). TR:L for the PSP had multiplayer, I think.
    MMO or Deathmatch would be wasteful. There are elements of combat in TR games, but not 100%. A capture the flag that was team-based combat wouldn't be great either.
    I think either co-op style TR, or some sort of raiding-race for a prize are the better options for multiplayer.

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    I was more wondering what types of multiplayer format that CD had actually considered for it. I realize alot of concepts for something like this probably never makes it to public view.
    Just after playing through TR games, I'm left wanting I'm sure most people experience the same.
    The more I think about a multiplayer Tomb Raider, the more some type of MMORPG type game seems like i would be the route to take TR. As you said RG, it's not 100% combat based.
    I was thinking something along the lines of a game like Guild Wars in the TR universe. Of course the skill tree in a game like that wouldn't apply to a TR game. But the concept of raiding tombs in a half persistent half instanced world certainly seems to fit the TR style of play. Heck even if they keep it single player and just stream live content to add to the games would make it that much better.
    After being a PC gamer for so long and having so many options when it comes to an individual game. TR leaves me kinda half fulfilled. It's such a well designed game that the ending just leaves ya thirsty for more. Makes me feel like there should be more to it. The replay value just isn't there. Get an average of what? 20-30 hours of gaming before your burned out on it, left wanting something new to continue the story. I realize CD has done an awesome job reviving the series. I think that's why it makes me feel like there should be more. lol. The game looks, feels and plays so good it almost seems criminal to come to the end of the game with nothing to look forward to until TR's next release :/
    Ahh well, here's to hoping they do something to extend the life of future TR games
    I dunno if Eidos Realizes it or not. But they are one of the only publishers left that do the job they promise the fanbase. Kudos to u Eidos and CD. Now please, give us more!

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    I think Myst had a MMORPG 'spinoff' (taken offline and put back online a couple of times now). I have no idea how that worked, an am myself not very familiar with MMORPGs. I think it would not work moving TR multiplayer into the MMO genre... the monthly costs for membership required for admin + maintainance fees would be a major no for gamers of a Single-player series.
    One of the reasons TR is so great is because of it's unique-ness, it would need to be very careful so that it would not (appear to) be a copy of any other sort of multiplayer game out there. MMO just doesn't fulfill that.

    PC gamers are unlucky somewhat when it comes to Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider. The games are predominantly designed for the console market, and the PC port of the game suffers slightly as a result. I would doubt PC would be exclusive in getting any multiplayer that was offered.

    And I do not think Eidos/CD have promised to give us multiplayer

    But, the prospect of multiplayer is closer (albeit just a tad). It's been said that there'll be a camera in TR:U able to take pictures/video that can be uploaded onto the internet... (this feature was absent from the recently released demo for TR:U). If CD can pull that feature off, they'll be that little bit closer to online multiplayer play. That may sound silly, but when you consider the complexities involved in making a system able to handle that sort of thing, and the complexities in multiplayer, the camera/picture-sharing overlap somewhat in the essentials. (User ID, internet space, interactions with other Users, etc.)

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