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Thread: What is better : Anniversary or Legend?

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    Legend, hands down, for me, as a PC gamer. I love the original TR1 and Anniversary was not a good remake of it, IMO. Prettier, yes, but in no way a better GAME. Anniversary veered wildly between great fun, infuriating and downright impossible (Often due to glitches or bugs). I finally got stuck in the Great Pyramid where a bug prevents me getting any further - which was honestly a relief, as that section is virtually impossible with mouse & keyboard. Overall, Anniversary is not a bad game, but parts of it are dreadful.

    Legend, by contrast, was shorter but a really fun game with controls that were actually intended for PC use, which I never felt was really the case in Anniversary, and a good balance of challenging and interesting without ever veering into completely impossible. The only thing they didn't get right was swimming, but they only got round to doing that properly in Underworld, which is the best of the three.

    If I feel like a bit of casual Tomb Raiding without starting a whole new game, Legend is the TR I will dig out, though.

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    Legend is not too simple and easy. I played it third time and even have a new recognition to all game because different times I react differently and I it brings lot of emotions for me .

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    TRA hands down. I like the solitary feeling of it and the cutscenes were excellent. I hated Zip and Alister chirping in all the time and there was something about the Legend design that grated on me. Nevertheless I love the Takamoto 'let's rip this dress' scene

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    This depends on personal preference. In reviews on the Internet they both received about the same ratings and on Wikipedia they received about same reception. They were made using the same engine and have the same look and feel. Personally I would say Legend, for the storyline and because it was the first Tomb Raider game I played.
    I heard legend is better, but it is a short, and easy game. And anniversary is supposed to be kind of like a remake of the first ever tomb raider. So what ever kind of game you want will be best. I personally would get Legend because I know what to expect in anniversary. I hope this helped!
    I also say legend because of the plot and the graphics's. I had a lot of problems with anniversary and never finished it. I like how Tr underworld is the second part of legend.

    Well I think Anniversary looks awesome but I would have to go with legend. And I think Underworld would beat them anyday. Go check out the Prince of Persia games they're awesome. Especially Prince of Persia the Two Thrones but you won't get It's storyline if you don't play or watch a walkthrough on Youtube of Prince of Persia Warrior Within.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amalsky View Post
    anniversary hands down

    Why? because thats what TR is all about, more exploring and tomb raiding and less killing people.
    This ^
    I only enjoyed Anniversary more because the puzzles were challenging. Like in Sanctuary of the Scion. Legend may have a better story, but the game was too easy to beat.

    I hope the new Tomb Raider will have more challenging puzzles and less kills... I'd be dissapointed if there was too much combat.

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    Anniversary as it has more exploration where Legend is more a straight path from A to B.

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    For me it's a tie. Anniversary is the better game but more because of TR1. TRL is just so repayable that it also a winner.

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    This is such a difficult call. Anniversary is longer and has bigger puzzles. Legend has more replayability, cool environments and lots of brill unlockable outfits. I will say Anniversary edges this one for is more challenging.

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    I think both of the games are great.

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    I'd say Anniversary was better but I also like Legend because you got to ride a motorcycle and seeing Amanda was kind of neat too. Zip and Allister talking to each other was funny sometimes like when Lara told Zip and Allister to be quiet and Zip says "yeah pipe down Allister or I won't let you sit up front with me no more".
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