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Thread: Can't Find FModex.dll

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    Can't Find FModex.dll

    Help, I'm installing the demo, and it came up with the error: Can't find fmodex.dll .

    Anybody Know what to do ?

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    Well, if you have limited knowledge of computers, the best thing to do would be to re-download the demo again, since fmodex.dll wasn't downloaded properly and therefore the demo installation file is corrupt.

    If you wanted to fix the problem without downloading the demo again, I'd be welcome to help you. Just PM me your hotmail address (providing you have one ) and I'll walk you through it via Windows Live Messenger.

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    Had my first Underworld crash in that dll.

    "Faulting application tru.exe, version, faulting module fmodex.dll, version, fault address 0x00004ccc."

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    Hey guys,I need help x.x about fmodex.dll in TR:underworld.I know it's has been released long time aggo and maybe you are borred,but please help me about that fmodex.dll.
    I have downloaded it ,but after I thought everything was ok,my pc droped me an error that fmodex.dll can't be located in library and so on.... Plz help

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