Thread: Acheivments glitched

Acheivments glitched

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    Acheivments glitched

    Okay so i have done the necessary actions require to unlock the following

    Mr popularity I have 115 Traitor kills
    Veteran I have 218 matches
    The Cleaner, i have 45 PR kills
    Mr play- it - Straight, i have done this way more than 50 times.

    All are locked, and i can't seem to unlock the wtf wtf wtf
    Any suggestion

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    2 words.


    I mean, you didn't get the game just for the achievements... did you?

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    The cleaner unlocked at 57 kills instead of 30

    Mr popularity unlocked at 200 instead of 100

    as for veteran, i have 400 sessions and it hasn't unlocked