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Thread: Need a bit of help and advice on the first level!

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    Need a bit of help and advice on the first level!

    I started playing this game today for the first time.
    But I wanted to know other than attacking the enemies with the default keyboard key U is there any other button to press to attack the enemies?

    Another thing: I climbed up and jumped through the top of the passage and saw like some witch hanged and tied onto the wall. Dunno how to express it lol . It tells me in the subtitle to press a key to suck blood. However as far as I knew from the manual if I suck blood the blood from my body will drain quicker. So I am a bit confused. What's the best decision here, do I just kill her or is it ok to suck her blood?

    After I do that where do I go next? I see more witches hanged onto the wall when I pass by to other locations do I kill them all


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    If you go to the options screen and go to controls, then customise, you should be able to see what the controls are and change them to what you require.

    As for the "witches" these are just people that the Sarafan have locked up. Feeding on them won't lower your blood, it will replenish it. Which is why there are many of these victims throughout the level.

    For where you need to go, keep following the stairs up until you come to a locked door. The Jail Cell to the left of it and down the stairs will have cracks in the wall. Use your telekinesis to destroy it and venture forth to the next area.

    Hope that helps.

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    later in the chapter you will find combat training dummies, which will help you to get better in fighting.... j is the slash attack and u is lift attack... once you make a lift attack then you will slash your enemies up in the air, but in the beginning I would just use slash attack....

    I hope that you enjoy the game!!

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