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Thread: Take a closer look......

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    Take a closer look......

    Great graphics???

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    I never noticed that before, is that at maximum settings? What resolution? That's the Raziel 3rd chapter isn't it?

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    4th chapter The Cemetery.
    everything on maximum settings except for the antialias.....

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    Not all of the textures are high rez, no. Most games aren't, even the grand new marvels now. The game's also 5+ years old

    It looks fine if you're just playing regularly, though.

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    I know, but I thought it was funny that this thing wasn't that detailed...

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    Why complain now anyway? The game is five years old.

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    I don't complain, I just was looking more closely at stuff and I saw that it looked so weird so I made a thread about it.........

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    That does look quite bizarre indeed maybe it's your drivers or something along those lines.

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    Why don't you then check it out yourself??? I think it will look the same in your version of Defiance........

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    It's not a driver issue, or anything but the game, itself. Again, most games, you will find, have lower rez textures in them, and if you look for them, you will find them. Everything can't be rendered to look completely high-end, unless you're making Crysis (and there's even some texture compromising, of you look really, really hard enough, somewhere in there, I am sure). Performance, along with work-load dictate a lot of it. If you don't expect most people to zoom in on a bonfire, then getting it to where it looks decent from the angle usually seen in the game is enough. That saves the designers efforts for the parts that count more. It looks the same on every computer, anti-alaising maxed out, or not. Not to mention, this was originally made for, primarily, the PS2, where you'd never, in a million years, notice this that much. X-Box, perhaps a bit more.

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