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Thread: New RENDER!!! (Artic outfit)

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    Ooooh looks super cool!

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    You know why I think action films work when there is a female character in there? They make them look stylish and sexy whilst they dismantle everything in sight.

    This is why I think the Arctic outfit looks fabulous. Lara looks great and I can't wait to see her unleash a can of whoop arse on some spiders.

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    Is she still going to have the tranq. for this outfit? or is she going to have a completely differnt gun for this outfit? personlay, i think it would be cool, if she could have a bazooka (but that has already been confirmed as a no .) or an asault rifle

    Edit:and i hope she has the same black fur, she has on her sleeves, on her boots/pants
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    well it's really nice. it even has Lara's edge. but i don't think it even comes close to competing with Mexico's outfit.
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    I'm lovin' the gloves myself.

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