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Thread: Need More Help at Khamoon

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    Need More Help at Khamoon

    Help! I'm still in the room with the blades that go in and out of the walls. I asked for help before re. grappling/wall running and I FINALLY got past the first blades and up on top (on top of the "steps" that go down the wall). Now I'm having a problem with the part where you grapple/wall run and at the far right of your run you have her bounce off the wall she's facing and leap backwards to get the next grapple hook. I've watched this part on YouTube and it appears at the top of her swing that she pushes her arm against the wall she's facing and does a 90 degree turn so she's facing the next hook. Well, no matter what I try, I can't get her to go away from the first wall--she just jumps to the right and of course with nothing to grapple to, falls to her death. Is there a trick to going backwards off the wall she's facing when she's at the top of her wall run? Hope I didn't make this question confusing. Thanks for any help. Nancy

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    what I do when I need to make a jump such as that is, I swing over, and then wait for Lara to turn around to swing back the other way and THEN jump. and this usually works for me to get her to jump the way I want her to go. the way you're describing I have that problem too if I don't wait for her to turn around first.

    hope this makes sense to you.

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    Jumping to the back while wall grappling can be quite tricky! Make sure you use the camera as well to make her jump backwards. Try practising in the Croft Manor gym if you keep failing.

    One more thing. I can see you are new here Nancyboy, I hope you will enjoy the forums very much! But Anniversary-related threads should be started in the Anniversary subforum, just to let you know .
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    Oh, that jump is a pain in the ass! I'm having problems with it everytime I play that level. And I'm pressing the right buttons. But it works eventually. It's just about being patient even though it seems to be impossible
    Maybe you should try it the way my avalon says. I've never tried that

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    The camera angle has an impact on the results of a 90-degree jump like that.

    You need to have a sideways view, not a completely third-person view from behind her.

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