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Thread: Official System Requirement

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    OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows XP (admin rights required)/Microsoft Windows Vista (admin rights required)

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Build Service Pack 22600)

    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3+GHz or AMD Athlon 2.5+GHz

    AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3000+

    RAM: 1GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista) system memory

    64 MB (damn you)

    GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce 6 series 6800GT (or better) / ATI 1800XT (or better)

    NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 (Microsoft Corporation) (GeForce2 MX/MX 400)

    SOUND: Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card and drivers

    Realtek AC97 Audio.. oh wait.. damn..

    DVD-ROM: DVD-ROM drive

    _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A (wtf)

    HARD DRIVE: 8 GB Free Space

    170.0 GB

    INPUT DEVICES: Keyboard and mouse

    uh... *looks* Microone keyboard an nVidia Microsoft wireless mouse.
    I currently fail-

    Oh, OT: I love thses guys:

    and meh, I only spent 750€ for this... I can do better =/
    Villa, villa.

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    Well, I have the recommended requirements for everything, EXCEPT the graphics card... mine doesn't even meet the minimum requirements! Well, I'll try the demo and see what happens. Looks like I may have to skip this game, though.
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    Big Grin fortune teller

    Quote Originally Posted by Veppie View Post
    I think the minimum requierments are fine. The recommended are a bit high. My new (one week old) 1500 dollar computer doesn't meet the recommended settings (just).

    But all in all i'm fine with the requierments. This means, if you have a computer that can run this game, it will look amazing!
    my computer cost 1300 USD (assembled) with ati 4850, i bought it exclusivly for TRU, a hunch tell me that is the ideal GPU for TRU

    veppie you should consult me before buying the computer since i am a fortune teller
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    yeah i only fail the video card too.

    Mine is pretty old. But I never bother updating my PC because by the time a new game I want comes out for PC, i just have to buy another add on.

    so my video card will probably never get updated

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    System RAM : Fail
    Video card: Fail
    I can't upgrade my video card (laptop).
    How bad is this?

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    I have a 360 so im ok
    but i did pass the Minimum Settings Though

    I have 1 GB Ram DDR
    Intel DUAL-CORE Processor 2.66 GHZ
    Windows Vista Ultimate
    NVIDIA 7600 GS 512 MB 256 Bit!

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    Check your system here:
    (what a lovely tool!)

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    My PC has almost the recommended system requirements exept my CPU speed, wich still is over the minimum, and my graphics card... But I'm getting a new graphics card so i'll be able to play at all the maximum settings!
    :nut: Cant wait for Tomb Raider: Underworld! :mad2:

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    Wow. 9800GTX? I only have a 8600 GT... Well, I hope TRU looks decent on my PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaraLara View Post
    Wow. 9800GTX? I only have a 8600 GT... Well, I hope TRU looks decent on my PC.
    I have Nvidia GeForce 8600GT too, its wonderful with many games. To be honest it will be perfect for Tomb Raider Underworld, trust me!
    I play Crysis Warhead and the graphics are blooming marvellous every leave, waterfall, etc is so detailed like a photograph and performance is so good at its top level that I would be extremely surprised if Tomb Raider Underworld struggles with it simply because I know that the system requirements won't be as heavy as Crysis Warhead and even if they are they definitely won't be as heavy as Crysis (Warhead)!

    So don't worry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoranAgar View Post
    Recommended System Requirements :
    INPUT DEVICES: Microsoft Xbox360 Controller

    Oh, please
    Wow... talk about forcing it !

    Yes, the PC system requirements are finally revealed !!

    Though mine won't handle it because it is not a gaming PC and failed on all aspects. I expected that so I'm not surprised. LOL..
    Anyway, I'll just stick with the PS3 version.


    lara 4 ever ~ You could attach a 360 controller (or any compatible PC controller) if you prefer that over keyboard and mouse controls.
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    Somehow my computer passed the test; therefore, DEMO woo!

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    Post can i..

    can u tell me can run this game, even if it runs slow.. i have: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz; RAM 1022 MB; VIDEO CARD: ASUS EAX300 SE (RADEON X300 SE (0x5B60)); thanks;;;; sorry for my writing, i am serbian and i don't know english well.. thanks oh, by the way, my computer is a *****. tell me what i need to change to play TRU

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    Hey, dobrodosao ( welcome!) I also didn't pass on my CPU and its' 2.8 GHz Intel Celron. Can I still play it? Please, help us with your argument

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    woah! you knew the sys. requirements?! Wow! Although the one im buying will be in the PS2. I'll even try to buy one for my Laptop! It wuld be really cool! Anyways, this may be helpful!

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    I don't know if I passed.....I'm not good at computer stuff....
    I Have:
    2 processors running - AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+
    2.60 GHz Performance Rated at 7.50 GHz
    2.0 GB RAM
    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, 32-bit (Build Service Pack 16001)
    NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS ()
    Video RAM: 1012 MB
    Free Disc Space: 404.3 GB

    Soooo err? Am I good? I seriously don't know what any of that means Help anyone?

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    Ayup LCR...

    Have you tried running the 'Official 'System Check' on Tombraiderforums? it does it automatically just by downloading a small utility program... ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by feanor View Post
    Ayup LCR...

    Have you tried running the 'Official 'System Check' on Tombraiderforums? it does it automatically just by downloading a small utility program... ?
    Oh yeah, thanks. *Tries* I passed but, Missed all but one. For recommended. SOmething to do with nvidia driver? I'm not clever.

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    Ayup LCR...

    The Nvidia driver is software for running your graphics card, wot runs the graphics for your game... mine is supported, but its not the 'Best' you can get, to run yours optimally. you may need to download a new bit of software to run the graphics faster and better. for me, i thought my new machine had 2 Gig of RAM, but alas, the checks show only 1.7. so i need a new RAM chip and the case opened up... which i don't wanna do. its cheaper than, say an X-Box, but i may buy one of those instead... it seems the 'best' console to have considering the DLC and all.

    But it will, unfortunately have to wait... mind you by the time i get it, the frenzy TO download the DLC may have finished..

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    hooray for quad core! still in good shape to run this game so far. hopefully it doesnt get any more complex before release.

    i have VISTA, but will it be 64-bit compatible? <------ most important question for me.

    here are my stats...

    Will be watching thread to check back on this matter :P

    also to note: from what i read on the site, there will not be a DEMO for PC users. however, x360 users will have one next tuesday.

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    For those of you confused about whether your PC can run Tomb Raider underworld .
    Click on this link

    Its a direct link to the Tomb Raider Underworld system requirments test. I pass the minimum but fail recommend only the graphics card 8600GT flops on the recommended but everything else passes on the recommended I have a quad core PC and 3 GB ram I should have no problems running this game since I can play Crysis Warhead with absolutely no problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by ola View Post

    System RAM : Fail
    Video card: Fail
    I can't upgrade my video card (laptop).
    How bad is this?
    Sorry, but you're out of the game...
    Koinws ksoflises...

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    just ran the CAN U RUN IT app, and i am glad i will be able to. kinda sucks about the video card, though. this game is too particular. with my HD3650, it spanks the req's, yet it still gives me a FAIL, just cause i do not have "the right" card.

    sorry for the big pic

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    well actually this isn't a problem. I also fail the recommended with my Nvidia GeForce 8600GT but I am sure this is as good as a recommended card.

    As long as you pass all the video card features this is as good as a recommended pass. I also the recommended on Crysis Warhead for example and that's only the graphics card that I fail. But I manage to play the game using the highest rating which is the enthusiastic.

    Sometimes recommended is just simply nonsense I've had games running superb when I failed recommended. Where as others which I have passed recommended don't run as well as it claims to. This assessment is more like a rough analyses then anying.
    I for example fail brothers in arms hells highway and that's the Quad Core Q6600 processor. But I tried running that game and its blooming awesome, so smooth I couldn't believe it.
    Don't worry about the recommended fail its often nonsense

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    i think it wants the HD4800 because of its clock speed -

    at GDDR3, the 4800 is running slightly faster than GDDR2, so @ 3x512, its running like there is a fast 1536MB of video ram. i guess at GDDR2 (or just plain DDR2), 2x1024= a slightly slower 2048MB.

    could be wrong though. but after researching the price/specs for the card, that's the main difference i see. i thought about upgrading my card anyways, but at $200+ dollars, i think i can handle this game anyways

    upon release, i will try to run all graphics at max, and see for meself.

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