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Dissidia Ideas for future games

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    if they released an intuitive (very little programming know-how needed) editor for any of the ff's? i'd say Duodecim. so i can add seifer,yuffie. bloodfest ftw. and give squall a true "blasting zone" + graphically better summons. my vision of this would be that you can insert any model from your disc's via PC! these models would be able to be graphically enhanced. or you can just buy them as dlc... forgot to say it would have a move editor/creator. for the summons or/and char's. enough of my fantasy, So discuss.

    edit: i forgot, this would be essential to the move creation feature if SE incorporated this potential treasure: Qumarion via

    2nd YT from the company themselves...

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    You've got the right idea! I personally would add Edge, Yang, Zeromus, Locke, Shadow, Vincent, Seifer, Rinoa, Quistis, Auron, Ashe and Vayne. Combine that with what we've already got and that's a mean fighting game selection!

    Also I would add more arena's, like The Phantom Forest, Sector 0, Balamb Garden, the Fire Cavern, Lunatic Pandora, Besaid Island, Rabanastre, and The Ester sands.

    Then I would add more music tracks of course, each to fit the new fighting arena's.

    Now THAT's a good Dissidia! It could be called: Dissidia 01-The First Cycle. Explaining how it all began.



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    Put a new dissidia out on home consoles. Integrate tetra master into the game. Make millions of dollars.

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    This post is about possible ideas for a new Dissidia: Final Fantasy game.


    Placing the story around the third cycle it is decided that a new fantasy should come into being, the first two being eternal peace represented by Cosmos and constant conflict represented by Chaos, as the previous cycles proved that no solution was in sight.

    The idea of something new pushes the gods and warriors to find a "new way" in the universe. After much search and desperation, conflict rises as this new fantasy seems to be an illusion. Fearing that the only way to return to their homeworlds is through the cycles and the rift some warriors begin the war and take advantage of those seeking a new path.

    Game Title - Dissidia: The Third Fantasy

    Additional Information:

    What the third fantasy is may not be revealed since the warriors were dragged back into war before finding what it actually is, but always having a feeling of there being something else.


    Since it's one of the earlier cycles there could be about four or five characters for each side, which would increase as the cycles continue and reach their climax. We would see new characters in this cycle and some returning ones like the Warrior of Light.

    Let me know what you guys think of this. It would be really interesting to see what Square Enix could do with this storyline.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Locke,Zack,Garnett,Maria,Faris,Serah and Thancred and the main hero of Final Fantasy Tatics as playable warriors of Cosmos.

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    Originally Posted by Keyblade_Roxas
    I wouldn't mind seeing Locke,Zack,Garnett,Maria,Faris,Serah and Thancred and the main hero of Final Fantasy Tatics as playable warriors of Cosmos.
    All new characters... nice. Any ideas for the Chaos warriors?

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    By my understanding, Tetsuya Nomura isn't making a third installment to Dissida. I want to know how do you feel about that and if he decides to make a new one what would you want to add? Characters? A new way to play?

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    I am somewhat furious about his decision.

    I would add Cauis and Noel from Final Fantasy XIII-2, the abilty to switch your playable characters during battles like we do on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and two versions of Chaos that you could fight at the same time, corresponding to my format: Alpha Chaos and Omega Chaos. I do have weird ideas but they may work. What about your ideas?

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    Um, when did Nomura say anything about there be no more Dissida? What I recall from previous interviews (granted, they were from a while ago), was that Dissidia 012 would be the last Dissidia game of it's kind. They way it was worded though, was that it was probably the last PSP game, and possibly one-on-one fighting style gaming.

    EDIT: Found a post on the interview here

    So the fighting game we've come to love may no longer continue, but Dissidia's story maybe will still be expanded on and still contain the core element of having various FF characters interact with eachother? The cross-over aspect was my favourite part of Dissidia, so that at least should still remain.

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    Originally Posted by new_tradition

    Um, when did Nomura say anything about there be no more Dissida? What I recall from previous interviews (granted, they were from a while ago), was that Dissidia 012 would be the last Dissidia game of it's kind. They way it was worded though, was that it was probably the last PSP game, and possibly one-on-one fighting style gaming.

    EDIT: Found a post on the interview here

    So the fighting game we've come to love may no longer continue, but Dissidia's story maybe will still be expanded on and still contain the core element of having various FF characters interact with eachother? The cross-over aspect was my favourite part of Dissidia, so that at least should still remain.

    Good thing you clarified that for me. I easily mess up stuff. Now I have a reason to sell my PSP.

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    Noooooooooooooooo! they should continue! maybe if they put a super smash bros,brawl,melee mode more very cool extras and Dissidia fighting and super new places to place And most important interesting places.

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    I've been thinking about this for sometime, so I have a lot...bear with me. I'll break this up into added characters, then story/gameplay

    If there was a new Dissidia I think it should be the "complete" version. Obviously we know the story ended at 013, so if they expanded the story it would have to be about previous cycles.

    I think it should be 3-4 characters per title. Only from the main series and no sequels. AND NO KINGDOM HEARTS. A) Disney wouldn't allow it, hence why it didnt happen in the first place. 2) you already have something similar to Dissidia.. It's called Kingdom Hearts. Now that I've alienated half of you I'll continue. Suggested characters as follows with allignment. I chose these not only based on possible gameplay aspects but what they could offer in the story.

    *= they convert at some point in one of the cycles yet they are grouped where/who they ultimately alllign with

    Title. Cosmos Chaos

    I. Warrior Of Light Garland

    II. Firion, Maria Leon, Emperor Mateus

    III. Onion Knight, Doga Xande, Cloud Of Darkness

    IV. Cecil, Kain* Golbez, Zemus

    V. Bartz, Faris Gilgamesh, Exdeath

    VI. Terra*, Locke Celes, Kefka

    VII. Cloud*, Tifa, Vincent * Sephiroth*

    VIII. Squall, Laguna Seifer*, Ultimecia

    IX. Zidane, Vivi, Garnet Kuja

    X. Tidus*, Yuna Seymour, Jecht*

    XI. Shantotto, Prishe Raogrimm, Eald'narche

    XII. Vaan, Ashe Gabranth, Vayne

    XIII. Lightning, Fang, Sazh Barthandelus

    Bonus/Secret Characters aka wont have an effect with the story

    Feral Chaos

    XIV. Gauis.. maybe or any major character from RR when it's launched

    Since they included Aerith in 012 I thought it would be amazing if they followed suit and added characters like her from each installment that had special abilities. Yet like Aerith they would have no impact on the main story. I'll get into how to obtain them/ why I chose these particular characters when I talk about story/Gameplay.


    I. Sarah II. Minwu III. Unie IV. Rosa V. Lenna VI. Edgar/Sabin VII. Aerith VIII. Rinoa IX. Steiner

    X. Auron XI. Kam'lanaut XII. Larsa/ Penelo XIII. Vanille

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    Since they story ended at 013, 012 was explained and then had snippets of previous cycles it would be amazing if they expanded on major wars, maybe possibly 3 more giving a total of 5 wars all together. I was thinking also having them be spread out enough so the characters had enough time to change out/ faze out of the cycles and new ones summoned.

    My thought was to start intially with the 1st war, explain the Origins of the World and how the rules of the War are set into place, explain the reasoning of the gateways (why are battles only fought there? why are they only of certain places, does it have to do with memories of the warriors summoned or is it because of Shinryu absorbing the memories of the fallen warriors and then inserting them into the World). Did the world start out looking like World A from FF I. or did it always look like 012/013 aka ruined buildings. Expand on the origin of the Warrior of Light( Prishe's story in 012). ?Basically setting a better explained foundation of the story than what was done in the previous installments

    The other two cycles could just stress significant plot lines and use allusions from the main series (ex. Locke finding Celes, Sephiroth intially starting out as a Cosmos warrior then going mad, Seymour tries to lead the warriors of Cosmos to Chaos so he can take his place and continue the cycle his way ect.) Yet these two storylines would focus on the brutality of the cycles and the sacrifies the warriors made for each other. Also it would further explain why Cosmos created the crystals in the first place, why she no longer felt that CId's plan was viable and that she no longer wanted her warriors to suffer.

    Lastly the expanded 3 stories would show the transformation of the 10 main Cosmos Warriors in 013. I think the biggest flaw in 013 was how they tried to condense 10 main characters into 5 chapters/ 10 cutscenes wasnt the best. You didnt get a feel for them or how far they came. If you get a better glimpse of their struggles in previous wars the idea of how they are able to obtain their crystals.

    So Character wise this is what I'm thinking for each war and I'll include major plot points. In bold are the characters who's story would be told.

    Cycle 001

    Cosmos- Shantotto, Prishe, Cecil, Fang, Onion Knight, Doga, Firion, Maria, Ashe W.O.L

    Chaos- Garland, Emperor, Ultimecia, Gabranth, Vayne, Zemus, Raogrimm, Leon, Xande, Eald'narche

    *Warrior of light Found by Prishe, Doga understands the true nature of the world, realizes who and what the Onion Knight will become so he transfers his power to him thus no longer apart of the cycles and explains Onion Knight Sage abilities, Maria persues Leon not knowing who he is until she is struck down by him uses all of her strength and is not resummoned . Once Maria fades away Leon remembers who he is, Firion and the Emperor. He tries to stop the Emperor but is struck down and not resummoned. Fang defeats Zemus but due to Zemus's ability to become stronger in death and through his hatered he is able to summon shadows that resemble warriors of the cycle ( basically this serves the same purpose as the Manikins yet not as powerful and last for the next few cycles). Shantotto basically defeats Chaos warriors (Ultimecia, Eald'narche, Xande, Raogrimm, Gabranth) single handedly yet as she enters Chaos' Keep Cosmos falls by Garland's hand.

    Cycle 004

    Cosmos- Sephiroth, Shantotto, Prishe, Cecil, Onion Knight, W.O.L, Firion, Faris, Yuna, Jecht, Locke, Vivi

    Chaos- Celes, Kefka, Terra, Ultimecia, Emperor, Garland, Zemus, Barthandelus, Cloud Of Darkness, Golbez, Exdeath, Kain, Gilgamesh { Zemus Shadow warriors as common enemy}

    * Gilgamesh enters through the Rift, sees/fights Faris, trying to see if she can remember Bartz. He eventually finds Prishe and fades back into the Rift. Prishe tells Shantotto about Gilgamesh/ Rift resulting in Shantotto escapes the cycle through destroying a Gateway. Vivi is confronted by Celes, Terra and Kefka. Celes refuses Kefka's order to harm Vivi due to being a child. while arguing Vivi causes an explosion with his magic which seperates Kefka, Celes and Terra from each other. Celes is later found unconscious by Locke, which they travel together. Eventually they are found by Kefka and Terra. Kefka orders Terra to execute Celes for being a traitor and kill Locke. Terra obeys, Celes try's to stop and try to protect Locke but both are defeated and are not resummoned. Sephiroth is drawn to the gateway where Zemus resides/ source of the shadows. After fighting Zemus and shadows of himself, he sees a flash of who and what he is and turns on the warriors of Cosmos, striking down Firion who is traveling with him first, then going after Faris and results in her using all her strength thus not being resummoned. eventually he is confronted by W.O.L before he can reach Cosmos. The fight ends in a draw and Cosmos falls thus ending the war.

    Cycle 008

    Cosmos- W.o.L, Firion, Onion Knight, Cecil, Kain, Bartz, Squall, Seifer, Laguna, Zidane, Garnet, Yuna, Jecht, Vaan, Lightning, Sazh

    Chaos- Garland, Emperor, C.O.D, Golbez, Zemus, Exdeath, Gilgamesh, Terra, Kefka, Cloud, Sephiroth, Vincent, Ultimecia, Kuja, Seymour {Shadow warrioras act as a common enemy}

    *Seifer starts out with Cosmos and travels with Vaan, Bartz, Zidane, and Squall but is seperated from the group. He is cornered by Sephiroth who is going to cut him down but Ultimecia intervenes and manipulates him to side with Chaos ( She realizes who Squall is and how he invetitably defeated her, she tries from this point on to alienate him from his comrades and defeat him). Vincent is found in one of the deeper floored gateway by Sazh and Light. They are confronted by Exdeath who is defeated by Vincent, before Exdeath escapes he states that Vincent is a Chaos warrior, he is now branded as a traitor and will be dealt with. Vincent tells Light and Sazh there is no point in fighting because the war is just a never ending cycle and that he was summoned much earlier. He explains when he realized the truth he felt since he couldnt escape the world that he would sleep in the gateway. Eventually he departs from the Sazh and Light. He is eventually hunted down by Cloud. During the fight they regain their memories. Cloud loses the will to fight, Vincent is eventually drawn to Zemus's gateway and realizes this is where the shadows were coming from. To redeem himself for his actions he fights Zemus and uses all his strength to deafeat him. Zemus and Vincent are not resummoned and the Zemus' shadows of the warriors are gone from the World. Gilgamesh once again reenters the battle the scenes of Gilgamesh in 012 are intergated into the storyline. Seymour tries to manipulate/leads Garnet directly to Chaos so she can use the destructive force of her Eidolons.

    Inward Chaos/ Confessions of the Creator

    I was thinking that at the end of every Gateway would be a boss battle with one of the 50 characters. Each character would have a mini intro scene before the battle started. Example in the stage of the World of Darkness the player character walks through the screen goes pitch black when the darkness fades away the Cloud of Darkness emerges. battle screen shows. This is where the special assist come in. I chose them based on the association of the characters ex. Garland and Sarah, Cecil and Rosa. Those assist characters would appear along side with the character they have a special bond with. Ex. In a new stage the Sleeping Forest/ Forgotten Captital Cloud sits by the edge of the water with Aerith slightly behind him. As the player character approaches Aerith first turns toward the player. Cloud gets up Aerith disappears as he moves forward and gets into his battle stance. The battle screen comes up. After defeating Cloud Aerith becomes available in the PP catalogue. Also each character would be in their ulimate gear like in Inward Chaos. the story would be the same as in Feral chaos being the final boss.

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    1. shrink the characters down . they look like Godzilla.

    2. have random encounters and the fights should resemble the RPG gameplay from VII-X. So basically, the fights in the gateways will be like the Dissidia we know and love and the World map encounters will be turn based ATB combat like we know and love. Maybe throw in some classic monstaers that drop materials for armour and weapons.

    3. transform the world over time. 013 stated the world was on the brink of destruction. I want to see what that looks like on the world map.

    4. more Gateways.


    4th costumes for everyone but the special assists they only get 3. That doesnt include DLC costumes. and those should be better done. If I pay a dollar for Cloud's DLC I should special features like his wing only being showed during his EXmode.

    a remodeling of their faces. The guys need a jaw line.


    Redo some of 013. Some of it was so painful to watch..they were really static or the dialogue was terrible.

    Change Exdeaths Voice.

    Use the special assist in flashback scenes. ex- when Squall defeats Ultimecia and recieves his crystal he sees Rinoa; not facing him in a fields of flowers. As she turns he realizes the promise that he made and the person she made him become. At that point he learns to accept the group and find Bartz.

    Use the themes of the main villians. It will be 10x better than that electric guitar strumming they used for every scene.


    Each character should be associated to one stage/ one stage per character Omega stages count as a stage.

    ++=fine as is #=more detail *=redo layout, add detail make it resemble more like the actual environment from the game

    ^=new stage @= new omega stage

    I. Chaos Shrine * , The Final boss fight with Choas from FFI. ^

    II. Pandemonuim *, Pan- Top Floor++, Jade Passageway@

    III. World Of Darkness++, Crystal Tower *, Inside Crystal Tower@

    IV. Lunar Sub*, Mt Ordeals^, Zemus's Lair@

    V. The Rift #, The Big Bridge^, Final Part of the Rift/ Boss Fight With Exdeath@

    VI. Kefka's Tower++, Phantom Train *, Floating Continent@

    VII. Planets Core*, Forgotten Capital/ sleeping Forest^, Whirlwind Maze@

    VIII. Ultimecia's Castle*, Deep Sea Ruins Or Centra Ruins^, Ultimecia's Master Room@

    IX. Crystal world *, Airship++, Memoria @

    X. Dreams End#, Maclania Forest^, Dying city Of Dreams or The first Part Of inside Sin@

    XI. Mother Crystal++, Gates of Zhval*, Hall Of the Gods@

    XII. Skyfortess Bahamut++, The Feywood^, The Pharos@

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    shrink the characters down would be not a good idea. because look the characters is a important difference of the game vs Mortal combat,Tekken,and others.

    And please no Random ENCOUNTERS!

    I Suggest Keep Dissidia Fight style but also add 2d cups like Super smash bros

    Or DDtank or Dragon nest fight styles

    + support partners like naruto storm generations

    And fight with 4 players will be more awesome.

    please do that will be a Masterpiece.

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    And look other infamous Final Fantasy!

    Do advertising outside Japan please!.

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    Shantotto, Prishe, Warrior of Light, Vanille, Selphie, Vincent, Rikku

    Garland, Mateus, Gabranth, Fang, Seifer, Seymour, Shuyin

    Guest Characters:
    Noctis, Machina, Sora (KH), Terra-Xehanort (KH), Neku (TWEWY), Yoshiya (TWEWY)

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    Lightbulb Dissidia Ideas for future games

    Hi, I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy games and I just recently played Dissidia again. I have a few ideas on how to progress and to perhaps develop a newer version for this game.

    First, It needs to come to consoles like the Ps3. the PSP was fine but a bigger screen is always better and it would make competitive games much more interesting.

    Second, If you are worried about cost then you can reduce the spending by tossing out the campaign and instead have a sort of arcade style mode (like in Mortal Kombat) where you beat characters from easiest all the way to the top where the final enemy will be.

    Third, Focus on multiplayer. If you look to the Naruto Shippuden games they have a fantastic split screen mode where I spent days playing with my friends seeing whose best. I am not asking that you devise a unique split screen mode but that you include one so people can play with friends on the same console. You can use the simple split screen mode (vertical or horizontal line splitting the two players)

    Four, Make sure it has the capability for DATA TRANSFER. I have beefed up many characters in my PSP and I am sure that many other people have done as well so make sure to include this.

    Five-ish, this is sorta a last resort if you really need funding for this project. Have a good cast of playable characters and charge people for other characters. Please do this as a last resort because I dont want to pay for a game and also dlc characters. You should have the middle two rows. The higher row being heroes and bottom being villains, you know the rows with Cloud and Sephiroth.

    Thank you for reading. Please comment to discuss if i missed something THANK YOU!

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    if there is a 3rd Installment

    hey everyone saw a thread similar to this one and thought I'd add one with assists included. So my question is what characters/assists do you wish to see in a third installment of dissidia?
    Playable Characters
    II- Leon

    III- Luneth, Xande

    IV- Rosa, Rydia, Tellah, Ceodore

    V- Galuf, Lenna.

    VI- Locke, Celes.

    VII- Zack Fair, Aerith Gainsborough, Angeal, Genesis, Vincent Valentine.

    VIII- Seipher Almasey, Rinoa Heartiley.

    IX- Vivi, Garnett.

    X- Auron, Seymour Guado

    XI- Nog'molada, Sehl-teus

    XII- Ashelia Bernargan Dalmasca, Baltheir Bunansa

    XIII- Serah Farron, Noel Kreiss, Caius Balled, Snow Villiers


    II- guy, maria, minwu, hilda
    III- Arc, Refia, Xande
    IV- Cid, rydia, rosa, yang, edge, zemus, fusoya, palom&porom, Edward, tellah
    VI- shadow, mog&umaro, celes
    VII- angeal, genesis, cait sith, yuffie, barret, RedXIII, Vincent, jehnova.
    VIII- zell, Irvine, quistis, edea, selphie.
    IX- Garnett, Vivi, quina, eiko, steiner, amarant, jesters of the moon, queen Brahne Alexandros.
    X- wakka, lulu, kimahri, riku, paine, yunalesca, yu-yevon.
    XI- Sehl'teus, ulmia, chebukki twins.
    XII- Basch, baltheir, fran, penelo, reddas, larsa, judge drace.
    XIII- Snow, hope, vanille, sazh, fang, yeul, mog.
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    oh and forgot to includd DLC characters
    DLC- Feral Chaos, Noctis Caelum, Sora KH, Cosmos, Shinryu, Gaius van Baelsar.

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    The World That Wasn't
    It'd be nice to make use of the side characters more. Duodecim did an alright job of that by utilizing Tifa, Laguna, Yuna, Kain, etc, but I want to see more of them: Faris, Celeste, General Leo, Selfie, Vivi, Beatrix, Auron, Balthier, Marché (Not a side char, but w/e), Fang. Also along the same lines as Jecht being selected in place of Yu Yevon, there were plenty of other bad guys that could be used in place of the main antagonists: Seifer, Genesis, Maester Seymore, Rubicante, The Maenad, Kaius Ballad...Err, ok not a huge selection, but they are some possibilities.
    I would like it to have a better story myself; the whole Cosmos and Chaos deal is a little so-so for a Final Fantasy title.

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    If they make a next dissidia game, I hope they add MP bar and actual item use like ethers and potions like the original games. I also have an interesting idea. They should use black and white magic where magic granting boosts can be cast right before battle (i.e. fire = damage +5%, cost 5 MP, cure = restore 10% HP when HP<70%, cost 4 MP) , which can deplete your MP bar. Here's a list of magic that I thought of:
    Black Magic
    Fire= damage +5%, slight fire boost, MP cost 5
    Blizzard = magic damage +5%, slight blizzard boost, MP cost 5
    Thunder = physical damage +5%, slight thunder boost, MP cost 5
    Poison = snooze and lose effect, MP cost 5
    Silence = may temporarily nullify magic damage, MP cost 15
    Blind = may temporarily nullify physical damage, MP cost 15
    Fira = damage +7%, defense -2%, fire boost, MP cost 15
    Blizzara = magic damage +7%, magic defense -2%, blizzard boost, MP cost 15
    Thundara = physical damage +7%, physical defense -2%, thunder boost, MP cost 15
    Berserk = damage +10%, slight evasion weakness, MP cost 20
    Fear = damage -5%, defense +10%, slight evasion boost, MP cost 20
    Paralyze = may temporarily nullify physical and magic damage, MP cost 30
    Firaga = damage +10%, defense -5%, major fire boost, MP cost 30
    Blizzaga = magic damage +10%, magic defense -5%, major blizzard boost, MP cost 30
    Thundaga = physical damage +10%, physical defense -5%, major thunder boost, MP cost 30
    Death = may give you victory chance at start of battle, MP cost 35
    Flare = damage +15%, defense -10%, major fire boost, MP cost 50
    White Magic
    Cure = restore 10% HP if HP <70%, MP cost 4
    Protect = physical defense +5%, physical shield, MP cost 5
    Shell = magic defense +5%, magic shield, MP cost 5
    Blink = evasion boost, MP cost 5
    NulBlaze = may nullify fire spell, resistant to fire attacks, MP cost 4
    NulFrost = may nullify blizzard spell, resistant to ice attacks, MP cost 4
    NulShock = may nullify thunder spell, resistant to lightning attacks, MP cost 4
    Cura = restore 25% HP if HP<60%, MP cost 9
    Poisona = may nullify poison spell, MP cost 4
    Blindna = may nullify blind spell, MP cost 4
    Vox = may nullify silence spell, MP cost 4
    Esuna = nullify status ailment spells, MP cost 15
    Life = Last Chance effect, MP cost 15
    Curaga = restore 40% HP if HP<50%, MP cost 20
    NulDeath = may nullify death spell, MP cost 4
    NulAll = may nullify status ailment spells, MP cost 4
    Curaja = restore 70% HP if HP<20%, MP cost 40
    Holy = doubles effectiveness of healing spells, MP cost 50
    Full Life = Second Chance, Last Chance if Second Chance is unsuccessful, MP cost 50

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