Thread: Game crashes after battle

Game crashes after battle

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    Game crashes after battle

    Hi , only when i play the campaign and i finish my 1st battle , the game crashes. I have a good pc: ·Windows Vista Home premium
    ·Nvidia 8600 GT
    ·4 Gb Ram
    I need any driver? please help me , this only occures on campaing after the 1st battle , on quick game doesnt happens.
    I have the game bought.

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    crash after battle


    my laptop keeps crashing after battles in the campaign. i can fight the whole battle, but then as soon as it tries to get the world map started it crashes. what can i do!!!???!!

    i have a ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M SERIES, with apparently the most up to date driver. Its a decent spec laptop, well enough to run the game. jus dont know why it keeps doing this. anyhelp?

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    I have the same problem, but with Windows 7. Sadly, Imperial Glory is not compatible with Vista. However, you might try doing this and hope that it works. Eidos has pretty much abandoned Imperial Glory and are too lazy to patch it...

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    Tried running under XP compatabily mode but still crashes after battle. Swithing off the sound to solve the problem - must be joking. My harware and software is state of the art, so Eidos must not try to shift blame. Won't be buying anything from Eidos again.

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    Same here. Vista, crashed after all battles. Tried compatability mode - this helped but it still crashes after most, but not all battles.

    I have the most up to date drivers on my bog standard high street Fujitsu Siemans laptop.

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    I was suffering the same thing running the game in Vista.Game kept crashing after battles.
    I right clicked imperial glory.exe/Properties/compatability and changed it to windows xp (service Pack 2).On the same Compatibility tab i then noticed Run this program as administrator so i ticked this and then tried the game again and it worked.Hope this helps :-)