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    Thachicken's review

    Hey everybody,

    I just got the invite a few hours ago, so I just started the game, I haven't been reading forum posts or investigating lore or game attributes I could find online. I like joining alpha and beta tests without prior knowledge of the game issues and as little background information as possible (where applicable) so I can get a complete 'noobie' point of view and judge a game by its content and not a cult following or have any great expectations that will effect my judgement. I'll keep this as up to date as possible, so if you want me to look in to something specific, feel free to reply. I'll also be posting more later on once I have more time to play and check everything out.

    With that out of the way, I wanted to give my first impressions on the game. As best as I can at least. Anyways, I didn't get in to the lore, so I can't go in to accuracy of the setting or characters or anything like that, so I'll stick with the game play and menus.

    I liked the way the menu's looked, big, open and with lots and lots of space for information. . .however when the expected information should have been placed, there wasn't any. Just a quick, rough description which should be enough for an experienced player but for new players or casual players that don't want to memorize and theorize about everything, there really isn't much information. This really also extends greatly to the store, it is very hard to decide what to spend your hard earned cash on when you can't tell what will have what effect and how much it will effect which character or which character it is recommended for (this applies mostly to the great amount of perks available without much corresponding information). This set aside, I like the general layout of everything and find it very easy to find the relevant menu's.

    However while going through the menus I feel like I'm missing the ability to play against bots or a staged campaign to learn each character, class etc. This would probably be the biggest problem in this game, I managed to play 1 practice game for beginners, which took forever to find players for and when I got in there, I spend the better part of the game running around not really understanding the layout of the maps, movement abilities (I saw people climbing buildings and I don't know how to), I didn't know my abilities or enemy abilities so I just had to go in and be a target dummy trying things out. I will get back to this later though, I just thought I would start off by saying that this is a big menu option that is still missing.

    Now lets start looking at some of the more important individual menus, there aren't many things that are really important for an end game user that have already been worked out and implemented. A help function would go a long way, a quick (optional) walk-through of all the functions. In other games, there are very long, dedicated videos of units and abilities, frequently posted on social media and accessible in game to allow players a chance to understand abilities before using them in combat.

    To round this up before I lose to many people that find it easier to go to a 1 line post, I'll just round it up with my menu recommendations before moving on to the general things that bugged me. So I would say that the menus need a bit more depth. Most players don't really care about it one way or another, and the die hard fans usually just read over it because its all old news to them but I think any game that is capitalizing on a in depth universe that has already been previously established needs to bombard players with information. Not force it down your throat, but like any good product, you have the minimum and a maximum, a right way and a wrong way of displaying it. At the moment, I don't feel like I'm being drawn in to the universe, not getting invested in any of the sides or classes. Just having a single tab saying Lore doesn't mean that the rest of the game shouldn't have its own feel to it. The menu's themselves don't really feel any different if your a human or vampire, if your viewing your vampire abilities or your human abilities, it just looks standard. I like the bare minimalist appearance it gives but it does also feel like no effort was made.

    To move on from appearance, we are also left with the fact that this is set in a built up universe (as indicated before) but I don't see much lore on the screens, having a human or vampire helper pop up and tell you about things might be interesting, not required but it would mean that you could learn stuff or at least get a feel that you were in a game with history.

    Now for the game starting menu, firstly, there aren't many game options, there are no indications of future game options. Why is there only a 4v4 beginner and a deathmatch? I am assuming that somewhere down the line there will be more options, a 2v2, 1v1, 10v10. Assault mode or king of the hill or fun modes like a 5v1 hunt mode or escort (protect the king) mission. Also there is no available information, I spent more time waiting than playing the game, but I couldn't tell if there was 1 person online or 1000 people on. I didn't know if there were 10games, or 100 games being played. No information can lead somebody to think the worst while waiting. Also there was no estimated time, lets say I want to play a quick game but have to be somewhere in 30minutes, if the average wait time is 15minutes, then I don't actually have time to play so why isn't there some information available? It is something that needs to be worked on.

    When I think of how the game is designed, the menus I feel like it really is just lacking those few things, the personal touch, the information and help features you would normally expect and the unique something that draws you in to the game. Also the background seems to be inappropriate for this game, it looks like spaced out binary code skewed like a book or something. So my recommendations is to really bring out the game, to make it pop would be to create some backgrounds, maybe like some other games have multiple background, you can have them shift on a daily or weekly or monthly basis but just something that maybe can be linked in to the story, have some kind of fun story that players can read and enjoy and participate in. Also I would recommend changing the informative sections to add extra information towards game loading and game information allowing players to get more of a feel of what they are getting in to. Perhaps add a game mode to play against bots or at least a information and experience driven single player campaign to learn and unlock and ultimately play the different classes.


    I think I gave you all an earful already and have of you are rushing out to buy new glasses to keep reading or I've already critically hit your brain and you are dead. . . regardless, I'll keep this short and sweet. The general things I really noticed is that the communication in this game is abysmal. Just trying to talk in a team based conflict is important but it starts in the immediate negative effect of the waiting room. It is already common to not speak in a waiting room while you wait for the game to start but if I go ahead and type hello. I obviously have obtained a certain level of keyboard affinity to be typing with both hands without viewing the keyboard and when I want to send my message I stop and press the Enter key. Which just makes the message disappear as it opens up a new line, it doesn't send in the message, it just assumes you want to continue writing on a new line. I have to move my hand off my keyboard and use my mouse to tell it to send it in. It is counter intuitive and either it is a bug or just a badly designed segment of the game. Now to keep harping about the same thing, when the game starts, it is important to communicate with your team, if your using voice that is great, otherwise your typing but it feels like your being propelled forward by game timers and making your own choices and customizing yourself and you haven't even had a chance to speak with your own team members yet to decide what is what, who is doing what, do you want to go for a heavy engagement or a light strike package? Do you want to play really strong in the vampire stage and then play hide and seek in the human phase or the other way around? It all effects your choice of character and mind set of the game which I think is already a negative if the communication is harder. I would suggest giving a new selection screen, maybe some extra time to come up with strategy.

    The shop and the items. Now there is no explanation as to creating pre-made things. I would love to just take my hunter and give him weapon X and perk Y and this and that and the other and when I start the game, just select him and its done. Making me choose these things per game, as handy as it might be sometimes means I need to keep an eye out on that all the time. When I first logged in, I looked to try and find out more about them, but it is like "Look at this"- "Buy this!" - "Use me? Ha, not going to say how!" - "Aww you found me in game, I hope you didn't spend to much time looking. . ."

    Also this loops back to the fact that this is an alpha and it is still missing components, the entire fact it doesn't have a tutorial single player campaign, means players need to create and adapt their own strategies and thoughts on how to play but this game is heavily skewed towards teamwork and without talking to each other or players just jumping in without a clue, how can you expect players to talk while trying to figure out the basics of each class.

    Also one final general thing. I find that although I don't know much about the lore, there is a distinct lack of classes. 3 classes per side, I really do hope that there are going to be more to allow for more customization between teams. If you are planning to keep 4 players per team as a standard or 5 or 6 or whatever, it would be nice to not just see players all jumping on to the biggest, strongest class but to be able to make their choice if they want a faster or slower or whatever. Having some new classes would I think make the game far more entertaining.

    To keep on the track of that one final general thing, I found that the different skins per class were incredibly generic. Whats that, he is wearing red rags, give him redish blue rags, PAY ME! I just don't find the skins to be very impressive, as I figure those are intended to be purchased with micro transactions or something, it seems that they should be more flashy, or give a certain feel to it. I can imagine being a captain of the guard or a blood prince or something that might have a more flashy look than something else. Having a stealthy character wearing nothing but dark black and green that may blend in a bit to the background of Map A might be more interesting than having a Red and pink elephant suit on unless they come out with a carnival map. Some variation in choices, whether it is for practical camouflage, fun or just to try and look badass, there should be some options.

    Game Play

    Now the game play is something different all right. I started the first game and found that I just didn't get it, how can I do this, how can I do that? I ran around for a good 2-3 minutes without even seeing an enemy, nobody answering my messages, nobody talking, nothing. Just slowly feeling less and less interested in the game, I am not really invested in the lore, I don't even know the slightest bit about it. (Yes, I'm harping on for a single player tutorial to train players in the basics again). I mean I don't know why I am fighting, I don't know the options, I'm not completely familiar with the interface. I don't know my ammo count, my health, my damage, enemy health, enemy damage. Just what I might consider the basics. I am not asking for a step by step theory-craft but at least some sort of "Hi noob, have you learned how to stop running in to that wall over there yet?" So I don't need to know how many shots a hunter can shoot while running backwards on balcony X if he is being chased by . . . .but it would be nice to know simple things, like I didn't know about executing a human or recharge points for hp and ammo. I would consider these things to be fairly important. Also to get a general sense of how a character is played, their pro's and con's. Getting the hang of aiming, any tips. At the moment we really are just being thrown in to the grinder and it leaves a lot to be desired.

    Now lets go ahead with the actual combat. It is obviously skewed, the vampires have the advantage in speed and strength while the humans are ranged and have survival abilities. Now I don't know how to do everything yet, how come when I get hit by a vampire I'm either flying in the air, flying back, getting picked up or pinned on the ground while when I am a vampire, I just swing like a blind man. How are all my special effects best used? What is this execute, how fast do I move while dragging a body? Is it even worth dragging on away?

    Tactics? If I see a hunter, do I charge him, go around, what do I do? I don't know. Time to be somebody's whipping boy cause I just don't know, so lets go find out. Now I'm not so easily persuaded to stop just because I got owned once or twice but I don't know how many games I want to go through without understanding the basics and being somebody else whipping boy and causing my team to lose valuable points. It isn't fair to them, it isn't fair to me. It isn't fun to 99% of players to just come in and be a punching bag while attempting to learn the game.

    Putting that aside, I think I did better as a hunter than a vampire, I stayed with my team and did a lot of assisting, not really killing, just assisting. Regardless I felt that cause we stuck together and moved from healing point to healing point, we did manage to have a relatively easy time to survive but what it really comes down to is a zerging match. We are a big group, so your only hope is to attack as a big group, if you don't, we simply win. This really does make the game a bit of a charge charge charge charge game which is a real shame.

    Now also the combat sequences sometimes seem to drawn out, meaning that enemies can wittle you away if you miss once, which isn't really that nice. I think the combat needs to have a more balanced pace. Sometimes it feels like I'm just sitting back watching a cinematic cause I don't know if I can affect a sequence. If I get picked up, can I kick and bite to get released earlier? Would be nice to know these things. If I'm pinned down can't I try jabbing him with an arrow or something, there must be something you can do to make you feel more involved but I just don't know it. It does require something if your not just going to want to watch something on TV in the meantime.

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    Thanks, Eric, I was just about to move it myself

    As to the review, please bear in mind it is still in alpha stage so lots of things are being improved or are not completely finsihed yet.

    The numbers on the screen are there to identify any leaks by the players. An in-game tutorial would be useful, yes, but that´s being worked on and will be added.

    I obviously have obtained a certain level of keyboard affinity to be typing with both hands without viewing the keyboard and when I want to send my message I stop and press the Enter key.
    That´s a bug and I am sure it will be fixed.

    It isn't fun to 99% of players to just come in and be a punching bag while attempting to learn the game.
    That is exactly the point - all of us sucked at itfirst, had to learn the hard way, you can´t expect to know everything in an online mp game from start, you have to learn by playing it.

    As to the communication, it is more a problem of new players not knowing what to do. I had amazing matches where we do not talk or type within my team and everybody was doing things intuitively.

    It is obviously skewed, the vampires have the advantage in speed and strength while the humans are ranged and have survival abilities.
    I wouldn´t say it skewed, but it is asymetrical on purpose.

    What is this execute, how fast do I move while dragging a body? Is it even worth dragging on away?
    If you would try it out you would see that it refills your health and dragging a body away is a good thing to do when you are in danger of being shot at while feeding.

    If I see a hunter, do I charge him, go around, what do I do? I don't know.
    You try to kill him in a way where you don´t get killed yourself, you have to develop your own tactics and skill as you play.

    This really does make the game a bit of a charge charge charge charge game which is a real shame.
    Well that´s how team-based game works. One team defends, the other one attacks, I find it sufficient.

    I don't know my ammo count, my health, my damage, enemy health, enemy damage.
    All those things are part of the HUD and I am not sure what is the problem here.

    but it would be nice to know simple things, like I didn't know about executing a human or recharge points for hp and ammo. I would consider these things to be fairly important. Also to get a general sense of how a character is played, their pro's and con's. Getting the hang of aiming, any tips. At the moment we really are just being thrown in to the grinder and it leaves a lot to be desired.
    Messages to execute a human pop up on the screen as you kill one and it even shows you the correct buttons to press, so I do not understand your complaint here. As to the gameplay tips about classes - try to read this: and I hope you will find it useful.

    More classes are already planned.
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    Welcome to your first day, I'm sorry I didn't read the entire post a bit long. I understand its frustrating as a new player, as Raina already mentioned we all did this except for a lucky few at the very very start. They have tried to ease the burden of learning a little bit by providing below lvl 5 lobbies. Unfortunately its just not working because the player base is too small.

    The only way to learn right now is to keep fighting. I can tell you the combat is much better than you experienced, you will have to give it some time or wait for the beta. It really shines when the teams are evenly matched, unfortunately that is a little rare right now. So keep practicing and I'm sure you will be rewarded, then you can rewrite your review in light of these new accomplishments .

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    Reviewing an alpha after only very few hours of play is a bad idea, and it won't give a sufficient perspective on the game. I'm saying that as a semi-professional video game journalist.

    Of course it's always nice to see what a new player thinks, but remember things still have to settle down a lot, and you have to get into them too. The first day I played I wasn't bad, but I was really trying to play in a completely different way than I do now. That alone suggests me this is a game that needs time to be understood, firstly because it's not you average competitive game, and secondly because real team-based games always require you a bit of "wider perception" of what's going on around you, something you can only acquire with time.

    Oh, and BTW, if you're here you signed a NDA (non-disclosure agreement). It means you can talk about the game as much as you want inside the private section of the forum, but you can't divulge any details outside, not even on the open official forum. Just saying in case you didn't know.

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    Yeah, I think I just wasn't paying much attention when I posted on the forum, I wrote the entire thing first and then the forum timed out. . .I wonder why considering the size and I just went back and clicked what apparently was the wrong forum. My bad I guess.

    As for making a first impression post, it may not give you a complete overview of the game, but this is what you get to see, this is a 'I've played this for the first time, this is how it looks to me'. I only posted this exactly because this is an alpha. I know that if I spend weeks just sitting here and playing and looking at videos on how to do this or how to do that and get a set team setup and everything my opinion and view on the game will be drastically different from the first timer. However before I can get to the point where I am trying to play this game 'more seriously' I need to be drawn in to the game to begin with.

    Normally when I get in to an alpha or beta, I try and communicate with other players and get the hang of things, meet new people and try and make some new friends. Learn and adapt and just have some fun. I can then play for hours and hours and just forget about the time. When I got in to the closed alphas/betas in some games in the past I've actually sometimes spend 30-50 hours + virtually non stop just playing the game. This game however (although the servers went down after a short period of time) didn't really make me feel like I was immersed in something bigger or something wonderful.

    I also think I've played to many games where the learning curve is set in a way to allow new players a chance to learn to really be satisfied with games that just basically throw new players to the wolfs and hope that somehow they find a way to enjoy beaten torn to shreds.

    As for the review, I did make a point to say it was a first impression and since then I haven't made another post till now. I intend to play the game to the point where I can get a better feel for it before making another post. However I do find that the lack of having something saying COMING SOON to allow players to see it isn't something to worry about troublesome. I mean I wouldn't make comments on something that bugs me if I know its coming out soon.

    Regardless, I do find the game intriguing and I do want to see it in its final state but I still would like to feel like the story is coming out to meet you half way. I mean the feel for the game is something that I find is usually the most refined aspect in an alpha.

    As for the problems with the HUD. Well, I think mine was displaying a bit buggy or something, I could see my health but I didn't really notice much other information. Not that big of a deal, I also was trying to get more of a feel for the game itself than all the user interfaces. I'll be making a greater effort in the future about it.

    Also, just from the start of all of this, I think my biggest flaw in the game, and I am sure that it is in the works, is the lack of a story driven single player tutorial that will allow you to give new players a taste of the setting as well as teach them the basics or even more advanced things in the game. I know not all alphas have the single player tutorials out when they first publish but I always find that a great plus when they do.

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    Second impression

    Hey, well, I've been at the game again for a bit longer, getting more of a feel for it and all. Here is my second real impression of the game so far.

    Well, the menu options still haven't changed but some of the bugs, such as pressing enter to transmit a message in the menu work now. There are some other functions I have felt have really been left out, I tried more and more today to try and communicate but the problem is that with this fast paced game, there is no way you can just stand still and type out a message. I can type relatively fast but still, I can't convey the simplest things like they are here or they are in that building or I'm going in through the roof, push the doors. There just is no way. I tried the voice com (use G) but that has no effect, nobody can hear me or reply. So there must be something really wrong with that or it just hasn't been implemented yet.

    So my first really big thing to talk about that since I was with the same few people for several games, we managed to talk about it among ourselves during the very long queue times is of course, the voice problem. This needs to be addressed or it will force players to go to third party voice programs which will really subtract from the game. I don't intend to be playing this game with a solid pre-made group so it would be virtually impossible for me to enjoy the game without working in game voice chat. To continue from the same perspective, if I were to play with friends, I don't see the option to really do that because it seems teams are somewhat randomized. I don't know exactly how to do anything from that perspective unless this is just something that is done for the alphas but some better team screens should be introduced. It is somewhat misleading to have two rows of players for a 2 team game and then only at the end give out who is with who.

    Also it seems that in the menus there have been a distressing lack of customization options for the sound options, which I guess will eventually also need to include a voice tester and everything. It would also be nice to be able to do the simple customization options in these screens as well like push to talk or constantly transmitting. Also when using communication, you can't just stand still, so it would be nice to have a auto run button or a buttons that have previously been pressed (such as w(forward) and LShift(run)) to be continued through the typing without effecting the typing. I came across a group of enemies and wanted to call it in and instead I just stood still and became a rather easy target - this really breaks your willpower to communicate at all.

    I've now also played all the classes now and I do feel that certain classes just are so much stronger than others, mainly in regard to the scout. I find that class relatively useless, low damage, slow attack speed, very limited abilities worth using (at this stage at least), at least if you compare it to others, like the hunter or alchemist. I mean the accuracy is something I really like but what good is hitting a target if you need to hit it a dozen times to kill it while the other classes may miss like mad but shoot three times as fast and need to hit half as often. The game is faced paced with lots of overlap and aoe combat which makes scouts worth less and less.

    I still have to admit, even after playing some of the classes more than once, some of their abilities still elude me, which is just really frustrating and other players just admittedly don't know how to do it either and just recommend button mashing to find out. I mean today I found out that middle mouse button was melee. . .4 games in and I find out I have a third attack option I didn't even know I had. I don't even recall seeing it in the bindings menu. Regardless, this is just somewhat unacceptable. I'm granted still just a very low level in the game, level 2 and it is still just in alpha stage but it feels like it is still just missing so much - too much.

    Also with the incredibly long waiting times to find a game, it really really makes it hard to want to play. 30 minutes in queue for a game that lasts 20 minutes doesn't really leave me wanting to keep at it. Everybody I met has the same complaint, so it might be nice if you would increase the amount of alpha keys you send out.

    Also, the range of vampire attacks shouldn't be larger than the range of the escapes, I use escapes which take time to execute (time you aren't damaging or being of any aid to your team) just to find out that they just need to left click cause they are still perfectly in range without any issues, so what was the point of it? It also apparently works through things like blinds which as you might understand, you blind an enemy and he just keeps left clicking and your just getting slapped around by a blind man. . .really?

    I also get the feeling lots of other players are having the same disgruntled feeling about the lack of understanding on how to play the individual classes. Today I tried to talk and help others a bit by sharing what little understanding I had but only a couple players managed to stay more than 1 game. I really do hope that this becomes a top priority, you could even ask some other players to make videos of it for the alphas. I'm sure there must be somebody that might want to edit something together for it if you don't find it a priority. I think the alphas might be more successful if players are playing the game, not deciphering it.

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    Every button and possible action is fully explained here, including the differences between the classes and some tips on how to use them.

    You can invite up to 3 people in your match, but at the moment the teams will be randomized between all the players. It was changed to that because few teams of very expert players used to go around bashing everybody they met, making it really unfunny for both the pros and the newbies.

    Communication through microphone will be soon added.

    You probably feel the Scout to be the worst because you faced mostly inexperienced vampires that tried to ram you frontally: in that case, yes, Alchemist and Hunter are generally better. But as soon as you face a group that stays far from the humans and gets in with a little tactics I swear Scout will stop seeming so useless.

    Scout is mainly meant to take out Sentinels and to cover the others from a bit far. It's absolutely untrue he deals little damage; if you shoot without charging your shots you will deal insane amounts of damage, especially on the short distance, and all your base abilities are meant for short-range fights (the knives are one of the best abilities you can have to face a vampire up close, because they stun him and block almost any kind of move and attack).

    The waiting times depend mostly on the time you play, but it's way better to keep on trying getting in a room with somebody than just press "search" once and than waiting for people to find you. At peak times (about 18-24 CET) I play almost immediately, with waits hardly longer than 6-8 minutes, and usually shorter.

    At the moment vampires are overpowered. But you have to remember that melee is the main means of offence for them, so they have to be in advantage at least once they get close to humans. If humans could easily avoid being hit it would just be impossible for vampires to kill anyone.

    The roll move is not meant to overrun the enemies, but to avoid those kind of attacks that let little to no room to the vampires to redirect once started (charge, pounce, kidnap etc.). As a matter of fact, humans can't outrun vampires. The point in the asymmetric nature of the game is that humans have to deal as much damage as possible to the vampires before they are able to crush them in melee.

    When you blind someone he is still able to attack, but if you get out of the way he will likely miss you. It's you that must try taking advantage of his blindness, and trust me, you can. Again, making a whole team of vampires instantly completely unable to even hit (blinding is an area attack) would make humans way too strong.

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    As Lofo said, VOIP will be implemented, but so far it is fine without it as well. You can always tell where the humans are by the sound of firing and vamps make sounds too so you know there is one near you.

    I disagree on Scout, I was Alchemist only player and started with Scout and still got good scores, he can be really deadly if you know how to play him.

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    >Review of Alpha

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    Well, I haven't had any trouble getting in to close range situations as a vampire without taking much(any damage). If I were to rank the classes, I would say that the alchemist is strong and has lots of utility so I would put her as the top, then hunters and then a long way down scouts.

    I can honestly say I can't even really say that much, I think the reaver is the strongest, then tyrant and finally sentinel but I find all 3 of them are relatively close together on their damage and utility but I find that the sentinel is the weakest of the three cause of the fact that buildings generally offer a great deal of cover. If you have 1 or more sentinels on a team, you can effectively shut their abilities down by taking cover, under an overpass or in a house and they are effectively shut down. Granted this gives the other vampires an easier time but considering you have already disabled 1 or more enemy threats by doing this, they can be shut down relatively easily. I guess if you have played the game long enough, you might be able to dive bomb in to the doorway and perhaps get a lucky hit in still but I think it would be harder to get real damage in.

    As for that list - I think it is a great list but it should be visible in game or you should get through a tutorial to learn these things. In all my games I asked if anybody knew how to do the pounce attack, and not 1 time did somebody know how to do it. I have to admit, the first time I played it, the game was seriously bugged for me, I couldn't climb up walls or most attacks. Since then it all seems to be working though but I still never tried to pounce an enemy which is something I still want to do.

    One thing I still did notice is that some of the messages in the game don't seem to appear 100% of the time. For example, the execute, drag or replenish don't always activate when they should and the text doesn't always appear. I've solved this by moving away and back in but I have noticed it a few times. Especially with replenishing sites which when you need to get a quick health booster is fairly annoying.

    Also, just to point it out, under the previously posted forum I saw this as the first reply to the moves list.
    Originally Posted by SushiViking
    Wow, I had no idea I could climb as a vampire by holding shift. Neither did I know it's possible to charge the attack. Thanks!
    I find it a real shame that people need to view the forums for this information and don't just find it easily in game. This was the second round of the alpha tests, I'm sure that somebody during the first one must have harped on about this as well.

    I mean you guys know that this could be an issue yourself:
    Originally Posted by Psyonix_Corey
    I thought it might be useful to have a reference for you guys since we don't have a tutorial yet. Let me know if you want anything else expanded on or explained.
    You have to admit, not 100% of the players that got in to the alpha are going to be actively searching the forums or actively participating in discussions. To add one screen in game that says exactly what was posted would have solved most problems. I know there is more you are working on but this seems like a very small task for a very big improvement for the newer players. Just like having estimated wait timers for when joining games.

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    Originally Posted by Thachicken
    In all my games I asked if anybody knew how to do the pounce attack, and not 1 time did somebody know how to do it.
    Are you kidding me? This is one of the most basic and important Reaver abilities, how are you playing without ever using it?

    It doesn't take a genius either to figure out; you just have to press the right mouse button to load it and then the left one to use it, or release the right to delete the move. It's the same exact principle behind the charged hits for the Scout's bow.

    Dude, maybe it's better if you open a topic here somewhere where you ask all the things you don't understand how to do, because that's what this forum is for: in a matter of hours all the doubts you have will be vanished, and you will be finally able to play properly. Keeping on writing endless posts where you explain you just can't play won't help anybody.

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