Thread: WTH!!! Shutting Down Online Play For PS2?!?!?

WTH!!! Shutting Down Online Play For PS2?!?!?

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    Unhappy WTH!!! Shutting Down Online Play For PS2?!?!?

    They shouldn't shut down 25 to Life Online for PS2 or PC. This is the only game that doesn't suck after everything else get's boring. Everyone says they been having connection issues, like staying connected, or lagg. My connection is just as good as ever, Don't give up yet people!!!!!

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    This game is good and shouldnt get shut down but if they shut it down then they should make a second part for it

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    Cool ...

    we will still be abel to play it when they shutdown... read my post

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    Big Grin Keep 25TL Online!!!!!

    Yeah it would be nice if 25 to Life 4 PS2 stays online. But if it don't, we might just have to try the computer version. Since homeboys on to something apperently. Who knows!?!

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    Smile Hamachi

    Any1 who has hamachi network join thes existing networks
    NAME: SH25TL
    Pass: shkings


    NAME: 25TL
    Pass 25tl
    And by the way u need to have Hamachi version Then will works

    Anti Closing Clan


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    Question Recovering Accounts on 25 website

    My friend lost password on hes account , He wanted recover by website he put email and Account name its says That Email already recived But no email in Emailbox I tried with mine pass its say Wrong email so hes Email Right Just wanna know why Email cant come