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Thread: in trouble in underworld

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    in trouble in underworld

    could somebody out there PLEASE tell me how the hell you get Raziel out of the underworld?i've been trying to figure it out for the last two days!any help would be appreciated.

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    well, in the first room you have to get the arcane tome thing.. then go up glide over and go through the exit... then you go to the second room where you have to collect all the souls, then a room where you have to beat up alll the sluagh then go through the exit and climb up the all the obstacles (watch out for tentacles!!) once you have reached the top you will exit the place where the EG lives... then you have to go up again and Raziel will tell you you need an artefact to open the door. You go to the other exit go through some corridors, till you end up near a portal, the EG will destroy the portal and you have to jump up the windows where you will have a hence blocking your way... just walk through it, then you have to beat up 2 archons to finish the level!!

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    Smile giving help

    thanks for answering me!the problem ive got is in that first room when you get to the bit where you glide i either cant figure out the angle to jump from 'cause of the funny camera angle or it doesnt glide in the right direction,which way do i jump and then glide?again thanks for answering i shall keep your reply for help later:

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    I don't know for sure... It is like an automatic system to me.... but I always just double press jump and in air I press the arrow keys that are pointing the way I have to go....

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    Red Face (Embarrassed) answering call for help

    hiya!thanks for answering me again,sorry if im being a pain but so far you are the only one who has bothered to answer me and i appreciate it if theres anything i can help you with just say,its nice to have a game that i can play & talk about with my husband & others as normally hed be on his world of warcraft game!!

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    It was really no problem.

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