Thread: Am I the only one that never used auto-battle?

Am I the only one that never used auto-battle?

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    I've noticed a lot of hate seems to stem from this auto-battle feature. About it's inclusion, of how it takes away from the gaming experience by taking away the gamer's decision making.

    However, it's a completely optional function that can be ignored in favour of your own judgement. To be honest, I forgot about the feature and just played the entire game all on my own, lol.

    Anyone else?

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    I mixed auto and my own.

    "There's only one thing real about this world and that's us! The players! Getting stronger and defeating others! That's the way this game is played!"
    — Haseo —

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    I find the auto battle system to be the most determining thing about what FF13's combat was supposed to be. The game was supposed to be about strategic role swapping to fit your needs. However, my issue with 13 was that the game did not require the shifts to be done often enough to keep the player engaged... therefore, the player would either get bored mashing X, or would attempt to mix things up by changing the commands.

    However, if an enemy had been scanned, auto battle was perfectly viable, and there was no real reason to choose commands yourself... in most cases, the enemy had a specific elemental weakness or weakness to either magic or physical attacks. The auto battle did a perfectly fine job of selecting the right abilities to use for these weaknesses... the same ones I would have chosen manually, so it was a waste of my effort to do it myself.

    The only times I entered commands where to select each character's specials (Army of One I think was Lightnings? can't remember), because auto battle never selected them, and to use ruinga, simply because I thought the spell looked awesome.

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    I mixed it up also, only because auto-battle would give me commands that didn't deal the most damage or would be the most effective at times.

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    Mostly auto, a lot of paradigm shift changing, and sometimes I do it myself.

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    The AI is solid enough, but there's hardly "no real reason to choose commands yourself".

    Commando AI is good at optimizing damage vs. a single target, but there are definitely times where it's worth overriding to improve your positioning. It's pretty good against groups, but it will tend to fill odd ATB bars with single attacks instead of saving those for the next round of attacks. The AI will also go single target when an enemy is staggered, even if there are multiple staggered enemies where AoE attacks would be far more effective. It can also be painfully inefficient with a high Magic Commando against a staggered launchable target. The AI will choose Attack-Ruin-Ruin-Ruin-Ruin even if the target is in the air, and if it's still in the air, your Ruin's will come out much slower after you jump into the air for the Attack.

    Ravager AI is probably the best, but it does have two flaws. It will tend to mix physical and magical attacks, instead of sticking to one or the other. This results in significantly slower attack chains. It's also terrible about using AoE spells to stagger multiple targets. Several enemy groups are best handled by multi-stagger, but it's much harder to accomplish that without manual input.

    Medic AI is also solid, but it does have weaknesses. Of note, it's not very good at determining when it's better to heal the standing members vs. Raise a fallen ally, when it's better to remove a status effect or to just heal, and it's terrible about topping off your health efficiently.

    Sentinel AI overvalues Entrench and Vendetta. One extra attack per 2-3 rounds is not worth the 20% or so extra damage taken--and that only happens if you don't paradigm shift before the current string runs out. XIII-2 greatly improves on this by having the AI alternate these commands, so you get an attack from your Sentinel every half-round or so.

    And then there's Synergist and Saboteur. The most complex roles, and the ones the AI is worst with. If there's a note saying the target is Susceptible to Poison, your Sab will try to Poison it, even if Deprotect would lead to a much faster kill. If there are 5 enemies, your Synergist is going to give you defensive buffs, even if they're weak enough for you to slaughter them with a quick En-spell + Bravery. Single enemy? Sab will try to land Imperil, Deprotect, and Deshell, even if it's strong enough that it's better to shut it down with Pain and Fog first. Multiple enemies? Sab will try to debuff all of them equally, even if it's better to concentrate on a single target at a time. Basically, the AI has a few set scripts, and they don't come anywhere close to covering all the different scenarios that can arise.

    As an example of the problems that can be caused by inefficient Sab AI, I have a friend doing a challenge run who is working his way through the missions. He had a very easy time on the first mission where you fight a bunch of Goblins + a Goblin Chief. His two Sabs--following standard defensive tactics against a group--rapidly stuck Pain on everything, and then he slaughtered them in safety. The next mission, the Goblin's "Susceptible to Deshell" had been revealed, so his Sabs ignored Pain, spammed Deshell, and--unable to out-offense them due to the challenge--he was quickly killed. He wound up having to completely alter his tactics (part of the challenge prevents him from taking manual control of the Sabs, or he could have just controlled Fang, spammed Painga, and been fine).

    I could keep complaining about Syn and Sab AI (Syns won't refresh buffs until they completely fall off; Sabs stop casting after everything is applied, etc.), but I think I've made my point.


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    I never used auto-battle too, i have great moments with this game. The best for me.

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    By choosing not to use auto-battle, it helps players to think strategically and understand the mechanics of the game better. As a xiii novice a year ago, I was sticking to commando and healer roles, not fully utilizing the other roles until getting to Gran Pulse. Hence, I had trouble with tons of bosses and regular battles. Those macho comnando girls were kicking ny butt. Hence I began to use a new command HASTE. It helps you to respond faster. Later in the game, I began to understand the role of the saboteur by completing the tomberry mission. Hence I made the paradigm of Espionage with Hope being my synergist while lightning(me) and snow sabatage the tomberries. I apologize for spoiler hints. And after a year I finally 5 starred a king behenouth using combination of hasting, espionage--deshell, and flat out spamming ruin and runiga. Did I learn these techniques with a book ? No. Do I 5 star all battles? Heck no. Some missions I have only received 1 star. And I use lightning , snow, and hope to farm Adamantoises in a 9:00 min battle average. At Grand Pulse I even began upgrading weapons and using catalysts. Yes Hope only hast 18,000 hp while snow has 30,000 hp.

    Many possibilities open up, as you can see, once a player stops auto-battling. Is it bad? No. I often use auto-hinder. Final Fantasy XIII can become more enjoyable and rewarding for the player. And all of these techniques I use did not come into play until completing the story.

    PPS. Ive read lots of post about "buffing" up your characters. But i've never understood it until recently. It means to protect your characters as much as possible. I remember thinking " Guys,there is no command called buff! WTH are you guys talking about!" Back in my days, buffing up was slang for building muscles. now, I know how my English teacher feels when reading my essays--incoherent, writer's prose only. No, i'm not correcting this post 5 times. LOL. But it does prove, we all can improve as readers and writers.
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    I noticed the feature in the auto prompt, pretty handy. But as I've branched through XIII I haven't used it as of yet, but I might give it a try.
    To be honest, I love thinking on the fly more than setting up a list of a attacks. Never know what obstacles you might face.

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    I only used it when there was easy enemies to beat so i didn't se much of a point of wasting time selecting attacks as the game can do it automatically and it did a good job at doing it. If you didn't want to use it you could just select the other attack option as the default setting just saying.

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    However, if you enjoy reading about other people's experience, please go ahead and read my post! It is on the topic of lightning Returns. However, I do get into also why I have not played this game in awhile. IT is a bit off topic and on-topic at the same time.

    I love smashing the x button, so I kept on selecting commands. However, there was a few times I selected auto-battle and auto-hinder. On the Adamantoise and adamantortise , I auto-hindered their legs. Gui, I have not found a way to kill them yet, but I have heard it is a big waste of time to to put status effects on them. I tried to auto-hinder them and died.

    During the Orphan fight, I mostly selected commands, mostly pressing x on FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE POISON POISON POISON FIRE FIRE FIRE switching between the tri disaster and Guerrilla or Espionage paradigms .....oh crap, I am getting trigger happy. Yes, Snow I will not overdo it. Paradigm shift to TORTOISE. Paradigm shift to Salvation. Back to fire fire fire poison poison poison during the original paradigms depending on my need. Guerrilla is good if you want a charater to buff someone while you throw fire. Or you could spam orphan on espionage. However, just do that for a little while, and then tri-disaster using fire fire fire fire.

    For my Amchechlids, I kept trying to find the frostrike command during the Guerellia paradigm. Wow, I already forgot how to spell it. I also used Guerllia when the Behemoths stand up

    Hence, sometimes it is a smart thing to use the auto button, and sometimes it is not.