I bought Imperial Glory when it first came out and have installed it on three computers since then (my Alienware machine at the time, one brand new new desktop bought this year and a high-end laptop). And on all three, I encounter the same problem - the game crashes in the middle of a battle and re-boots the computer.

Many will tell you to update drivers. That will NOT solve the problem for many, as a lot of forum responses here and elsewhere have shown. Tweaking graphic cards settings, renaming folders, disabling virus applications, and a host of other suggestions, cooling, etc all do NOT solve the problem.

In fact there is only one surefire way to stop the crashes - disable the sound effects. The everything runs smoothly, whatever your graphics card or graphics settings are.

Which means, for many, this is primarily a sound problem. And not a problem with your soundcard, as I have run the game on three separate soundcards, and all produce the same effect.

Which means this is a problem due to sloppy programming and QC.

So my advice is, switch all sound effects off, play the 'Waterloo' DVD on your TV so you can listen to some working sound effects while playing - and be very, very, very wary of buying any games from Eidos and Pyro Studios in future.

If this game were a car, it would have been recalled from the market after killing hundreds on the road.