Thread: DX Original & GOTY installation freeze

DX Original & GOTY installation freeze

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    DX Original & GOTY installation freeze

    I want to replay Deus Ex real bad, so I installed it and the install went not responding right at the end of the process, all I could do was terminating it, but it seemed all files were in place. I tried and run the game and it said the cd is wrong, while it's not. Ok, I said 'scratched cd', I try to uninstall and it won't, so I borrowed a GOTY copy from a friend and tried reinstalling it to another folder and same error: install not responding and fails cd check.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this? Don't let me down people

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    Try copying the entire CD contents to a temporary folder on your hard drive, and run setup.exe from that directory.

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    Yo, I had the same problem on my Vista Computer.

    First, open the DeusEx.ini file on your computer in C:\DeusEx\System.

    Go to line:


    For some reason Vista automatically sets CdPath to 'Z:'. You need to set it to whatever drive letter your CDROM is. Mine is 'D:'.

    Also, open Default.ini in C:\DeusEx\System.

    Go to line:


    Change the CdPath here also.

    If this doesn't work, then you need to do the following:

    You need to successfully install a fully functional copy of DX on a different computer, most likely an XP one. Back-up the entire DeusEx Directory from your C: Drive onto external media (i.e., external HDD, CD, or DVD). Then, copy the entire directory onto your Vista Computer's C: Drive. DX will work now, at least this worked for me. You may have to change the CdPath lines, as described above.

    Luckily, I backed-up my entire DeusEx Directory from my old XP computer, on which DX worked fine. I recommend that you all do this when you get DX to work properly.

    PEACE Alwayz |/



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    Killing process SystemFiles.exe when it hanged at setup solved the problem for me in Windows7. Then the seteup is completed. And i can play the game.

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    I play on WIN7-64Bit and i never had any problems, i bought it the steam version and it all seems fine

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    Hello guys , anybody knows how to activate cheats in deus ex . I accessed user ini but say command doesn't appear