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Thread: Completeing Legend

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    Completeing Legend

    Did any of you guys use a walkthrough when you had tr legend, is that why you finished it so quickly, i completed in about a month coz i was new in 2006 to tr. how did you guys finish it?
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    I completed it in four hours, no walktroughs for the first time.

    I really don't see how you can get stuck in it.
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    With 100% completion (and most of the hours spent on it was just me messing about...) I did it in about 17 hours...

    It would of been less if I didn't spent tons of time messing around with the cheats!

    (And no, I didn't use a walkthrough... )

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    ok, actually 2 years with me getting all the rewards coz, this might sound weird, i sometimes go off tr and get bored coz i wait for a new game and get bored waiting, so i go off tr and go on different games and become obsessed with them, but now, i like all my games but mostly tr.
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    it took me a few days about half a month for all the rewards and junk

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    oh and, 100& took me six hours. Twelwe for TRA.
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    it took me ages to complete tr A coz i couldn't find some rewards, but i have unlocked all the acheivments and stuff, its good. cant wait for underworld though.
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    unless you tried to find every single little artifact, it shouldnt take long. i finished it in like 6 hours, without walkthroughs

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    I completed it within a week, due to the 30m-1hr playtime I had during the time, when my family was building our house. But once I got a PS2 version of it, within a matter of 2 hours of gameplay and getting every reward, I have to say it took around 1-3 hours all together. Though, I should check it, on my saved game files.

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    Hey!! Hello everyone
    I finished TRL in Two Hours Without collecting artifacts and five hours with collect all the artifacts

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    @ qusay Nassan: please change your font color, its not readable.

    I love walkthroughs and I used them two times to get through TRL and like 100% to find all relics. I'm very impatient. If i can't figure something out in three or four tries I go to a walkthrough.

    TRA was easier. Or maybe it was because I had a lot of free time and was more patient. For the relics and stuff I still used youtube.
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    i fineshed tomb raider legend with collecting all artifacts in 4 hours and i did not use a walkthrough i got my mate audrey to take my time and finished the game in 2 hours and 6 minutes not collecting the artifacts

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    TRL did seem to go by really quickly. Anniversary took more time for me, but Legend was really easy. A couple days (only 'cause I had to go to work)

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    I wasn't exactly playing the whole time... It took me one week to finish it, because I wanted it to last. I had a feeling that it would not last long, so I played it in small doses to get longer pleasure. Though, if you count the hours it took me... about 20 minutes per level.. No walkthrough, apart from finding certain golden artefacts.
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    i used one walkthrough: the level were u find Amanda

    but other than that none needed i was a natural and it was my first time lol

    9 hours :P

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    No walkthrough took me 4 mnths to complete becuase I go on and off with other games....I cannot play a game in one sitting pointless 60 dollars lol but if i look at the clock that tels me how many hours spent on the game it says 23hrs

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    I completed Legend in 2 - 3 days without a walkthrough. I didn't spend too much time looking for artifacts and stuff though the first time through. when I went back to find them, I did use walkthroughs if I had trouble finding any - but for the most part I didn't need help.

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    I didn't finish Legend yet, but i was stuck at some parts. I don't use walkthrough because i have bad experience with it while i was playing anniversary. There i used walkthoughs for artifacts and centaur boss and i regret it. I'm much happier when i finish the game all by myself.

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    I completed it without walthroughs in 9 hours.I still like to play it...

    I think it's the best Tomb Raider so far...Now we just gonna have to wait and see about underworld,as far as i Know the game is gonna cross all TR lines!

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    The only time I ever used walkthrough was to find out how to get that large medipak in TR1's Palace Midas. And that proved to be a waste of time. Never used or needed a walkthrough since for any of the games.

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    Took me around four to five hours to complete the game, and 16 in total to find all of the rewards without cheats.
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