Thread: (The Blackman) Please help me !

(The Blackman) Please help me !

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    (The Blackman) Please help me !

    How will i do "shaman ritual" ? I used the water arrow and then the green (poisonous) arrow...But i dont know how i will do the third mission...Please help me...

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    The "Green" is a MOSS arrow. You need to get BLOOD on the stone at the altar.

    BJ a guard and drop him/her and cut thier throat, or put a arrow into them. Or carry the body from the upper room where the shaman is lying by the fire down and drop it on the altar and then make it bleed.

    And please, don't put personal calls (theBlackman) or any other direct call in a post, or a thread.

    That is against the rules, and the reason there is a PM section. Write a private message, or just make a general call for help.

    Thanks, and good luck.

    Read all the notes you find, and pickup and read every scroll. The ritual is described two or three times in the written material.