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Thread: "Error out of table range" problem

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    "Error out of table range" problem

    I'm installing game with not any problems.But tra.exe not executing and showing this error.Please help!

    Failed to open BIGFILE.00

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    I...dont even get what the error means! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_musty View Post
    Did you leave the "exe" file in the default folder?
    (And are the "big files" there... "bigfile.000" or something. It's 153 MB or so... hard to miss).
    Or is the disk scratched?

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    I did a search and had a look on some forums. It seems quite a few people have had this "Out of Table Range/BIGFILE.XXX" problem. But I couldn't seem to find a definite solution. Sorry about that musty.

    But the general consensus from what I saw was that the fault probably lies with (your) hardware. Either your monitor or graphics card cannot handle some of TRA's settings.

    Run TRA's Setup program and disable ALL the graphical options (Fullscreen Effects, VSync, Shadows, Depth of Field, Reflections, Water Effects). Also disable any Anti-Aliasing and reduce the Resolution and Refresh Rate. Then try running the game again.
    If it works, then you're left with a little trial & error to see what it is that your hardware is failing on (by turning on the graphical options one by one and increasing the resolution/refresh rate).

    If none of that helps, then I don't really know what to suggest beyond getting in touch with Eidos Customer Support.

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