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Thread: Desperately seeking help

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    Desperately seeking help

    Egypt - Obelisk

    I've made a blunder somewhere but I can't see where.
    I am in the room with the water at the bottom and the obelisk sticking up in the middle with the collectable pieces in.

    I have: eye of horus, scarab of osurus, ankh of isis

    However, the bridge connecting the doorway with the jackles pained on the wall either side of it is still up.

    Every room I try seems to be somewhere I have already been and both gates in the water are closed.

    Would be grateful for some direction.

    Thanx in advance

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    I know where you've gone wrong - u know when you collected the Ankh and you pulled a lever to lower the Ankh bridge, well opposite you at that time was an entrance with the Jackals painted on the wall. Instead of going straight for the Ankh you should have stayed at the top, and made your way round the ledges and gone through that doorway. You then will be on the way to collect the Seal of Anubis.

    Good Luck and all the best


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    ty - so how do i get back up? Do you know which entrance it is only I forgot where i last came out.

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    Okay so you where on the top and you jumped down straight into the water to collect the third piece right..... ??? But you must have stayed at the top and then jumped to left on poles and swing straight to the other gate in the front of where you here first...... and then go inside and get the fourth lever that would open the path to the fourth piece......

    Now to return back: You have two choices 1. You load the last saved file when you were on top.... Or 2. You make a long way again to the top......

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