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Thread: Screen Shot Competition XXVlIl RESUTS!

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    Screen Shot Competition XXVlIl RESUTS!

    1st of all guys, I have to say I am really sorry for the huge delay because I had this impulsive weekend that turned into a whole week vacation

    So here are the long awaited for Results!

    1st with 14 points is SPONG!!!!!!!! *standing ovation*

    2nd place share
    Dukem. andYours truly with 11 points!

    3rd place is for TessaTombRaider007 with 8 points!

    I don't want to post how much the others' got because it can ge a bit depressing seeing that, I remember the comp before I saw that mine screen had like 1 vote and was on lats place. was really depressing. But if you want me to post the others I will

    Now Spong! CONGRATS! ts your turn

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    I'd completely forgotten about the comp to be brutally honest. Thanks everyone for your votes, and thanks to Kami for coming up with a good theme. I never dreamt for a moment my pic would win, it was just a load of electricity.

    Erm, I best get a wriggle on then and sort out the next round...

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    *Shakes Hand* Congratulations Spong!!!!!!!

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