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planes helicopters ECT.

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    planes helicopters ECT.

    so I finished the second mision and got the trap hook and now I just want to mess around, where can I find all these helicopters and planes you guys talk about? Or do I have to get further in the game? Cuz I always go to airports and there's only one plane there then I try a military base and there's nothing

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    One of the best ways to get aircraft is to liberate government controlled military bases. Each one contains different vehichles, as I found the Agency helicopter and the AH-16 Hammerbolt in some bases. So keep liberating them, you are bound to encounter something you will like.

    Or you could gain prestige points for the Guerillas of Rioja and unlock helicopters at some safehouses.

    Hoped this helped.

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    Ideally check out all the Airports on the map, if done so you would have found some of the best anyway, ask if you want any location on a plane.
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    When you have completed the game you can liberate any settlement then find the mendoza airport its easy to liberate and there is normally 2 cool jets there and if you do get to the last misson you will get an agency jet fighter to destroy the misiles and to board mendozas plane, i better shutup now because i dont want to spoil it for you.

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    I always steal planes from mendoza's airport later in the game.