Thread: What is happening to this game?

What is happening to this game?

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    What is happening to this game?

    Ive been playing for a while, and in the past few weeks Ive noticed a dramatic increase in complete noobs who are getting worse by the second.

    Example: A few minutes ago i was playing on steel monsters. Most of my team left, so i had to go up against 2 people that had a clue and 2 that had no idea what they were doing. After about 15 minutes i was down to the Fuso and the Yamashiro, plus 2 CAs. The Americans had 2 CLs, 1 CA, and 2 BBs. I promptly destroyed the Pennsylvania, along with the cruisers. That just left one BB, the New York. He was constantly coming in and out of range, and was starting to hit some of the Yamashiros guns. Noooooo problem so far. After i got him down to about 75% health, with my 2 BBs hanging at around 85%.........."You have been kicked from the session."

    The above makes me want to kick real life. Other examples include my whole team leaving at the beginning of the game, people who waste ships, people tking our shipyards on islands of solomon, and lastly, people who kick me when i come into the pre game lobby for no apparent reason. Seriously, is it me, or has the community of BSM hit an all time low?

    Hence, the question of the day, why the hell does BSM have so many noobs running around?

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    sadly're right
    the noobs are like invading BSM...
    i had your scene there a couple of times too
    i hope this won't happen in BSP
    try to find some no noobs (if you can find them) and try to arrange some meetings so you won't be facing noobs as much as now...

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    it has to happen in BSP....eventually
    every game has its noob invasions, but they usually have those for a reason. in BSMs case, theres no excuse.

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    it would be cool if they had a rank system or like a iQ thing so you could see who is new and who is really good.

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    What's a NOOB?

    Forgive the ignorance of a Newby!

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    Warhark for the PS3 does it right. Since you earn ranks you can actually sort servers by ranks so you know the level of play of teh other players. The host can set the parameters for teh ranks allowed to play.

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    Totally agree regarding noobs just over the last month i was lucky 2 finish a game, people dropping out because they have no clue what they are doing or are getting there butts kicked so they leave. Also being on a team where they use mics was rare I know for sure here in uk you can pick the game up for less then a tenner so thats maybe why there is more of them......

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    Invasion of the Noobs... Correction: They are not, Newbs (meaning a new player). They are N0obs, players that have no hope of ever achieving maturity. As for ranks, nOobs, as long as they're not Newbs, can also play enough to get quiet a bit. I guess the real trick would just be to play with people that are sensible and to stick with them, instead of growing a dislike for all players. Usually you can find a decent game here and there, though. Just try to get to know the team and everyone thats normal before it starts is my suggestion.

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    At least we HAVE players, last I heard at from the PC players, they don't have many guys left...