Things can often get out of hand on a forum, so before you go and
get yourself into trouble, please be sure to observe the following tips

1. Wait a while before you make your first thread:

Don't join the forums and instantly make a new thread about your burning love for all things
Deus Ex. We appreciate that you are a big fan and you love the game, but so does everyone
here. Rather browse around and look at some of the existing threads and see what other
people have posted. If you have some really important game-related news however, please
share immediately.

2. Post constructively.

If you don't have anything constructive to say, then rather don't say it. This is a discussion forum, not a chat.

3. Talk about Deus Ex 3:

Sure there are threads in this forum that are not about Deus Ex 3 per se, but they relate to it in
some way or another. Try to avoid posting new threads that are exclusively related to Deus Ex 1
and Deus Ex 2 as this is a Deus Ex 3 specific forum. Any highly off-topic threads will either be
deleted or moved to their appropriate forum. Threads that cover the same topic will be merged.
If you are missing one your threads, one of these actions may have been taken by one of the moderators.

- Deus Ex General discussion forum:
- Deus Ex Technical forum:
- Deus Ex: Invisible War forum:

4. Be patient:

If there is not much information regarding the games development then please be patient. The
developers are doing their best to make an awesome game for all it's fans. Try and restrain
yourself from making new threads exclaiming how irritated you are that there is no new
information about Deus Ex 3.

5. Making a complaint/rage/hate/whine thread:

Before making a new thread about how much something in Deus Ex 3 sucks, please try and find
existing threads in which to post your gripes. If every person made a thread about one of their
complaints, then this forum would become messy and flooded.

6. Moderators have the same rights to express their opinions too:

Yes, believe it or not. So don't get all upset if we aren't as negative as you are about a game
that is not yet completed


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the three moderators via the PM (Private Mail) function

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Deus Ex 3 is going to rock,