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Thread: Screen Shot Competition Round XXVllI Entries

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    Screen Shot Competition Round XXVllI Entries

    Rules & Information:

    * Only one entry per person, per round.

    * Screen-shots should be original and not copied, edited or Photoshop enhanced. Screen-shots depicting in-game bugs will only count if the current round has allowed bug pictures as an individual 'theme'. All other rounds should contain pictures of Lara Croft in ordinary game-play. Shots taken from cut-scenes are disallowed.

    * Please title your entry.

    * Please contact the current round host(s) if you need to edit your entry for reasons such as you neglected to add a title or posted an entry that is not in accordance with the themes for the current round. To keep it fair, permission is sought to prevent entrants from having a last minute change of heart and choosing a more favourable shot after their original has been entered.

    * Each round will span 7 days, after which time the voting shall commence in a separate thread.

    * Voting will also last for 7 days.

    * Entrants may not vote for their own entries. Non-participants are welcome to cast a vote and points shall be awarded on a scale of 1-3 (Three points for your favourite descending to one point for your third favourite).

    * The entrant(s) with the most points upon closure of the voting will get to choose the two themes for the next round.

    * Two themes must be offered - one must be a level from a particular game (All entries can include screen-shots from Angel of Darkness, Legend and Anniversary), and one must be a random theme. The dual theme ensures that those who do not have all of the games can still participate in the competition.

    *Competition starts 25 July 2008 and will run until 31 July 2008.

    Please present a screen shot in accordance with one of the following two themes:

    Any game: A scenery screenshot you find beautiful (we have had a lot of funny pics lets have a beautiful one for a change)


    funny death screen from TRAOD Level: Boaz Returns

    Have fun!!!

    BTW I am really sorry for the delay, guys. I am kinda new here and I had no idea I have to do this

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    Illumination at Dusk.

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    City Lights

    I must have spent half an hour just looking out over the city. Awesome level.

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    Not only current gen can look gorgeous...

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    Subtle Shades of Electric Blue

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    Just relax, take in the view:

    (Style Units)

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    Keep it green :thumbsup:

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    Toxic Zone

    I personally like this area.. I would post other areas on Tomb Raider that I thought was nicer than this, but I don't own them for the PC. But, here's my entry for the week.

    Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted.

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    The competition is ow CLOSED! Great entries everyone. Give me a sec to make the voting thread

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