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Thread: Screen Shot Competition XXVll RESUTS!

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    Screen Shot Competition XXVll RESUTS!

    So here are the long awaited for Results!

    In Order so as not to confuse myself:

    1st ~ with 29 points is Kami with 'Tiger says: 'Hiya mum I'm on TV'
    2nd ~ with 17 points is Spong with 'I Choose My Enemy Wisely, Shame Lara Doesn't'
    3rd ~ with 14 points is Rai004 with 'Back left lion: *tuts* Meryl's got it wrong again.'

    And not forgetting everyone else:

    rg_001100, 10points
    Dukem, 9 points
    Goar, 6 points
    Jezyk, 3 points
    Kitkatt 13, 1 point
    TessaTombRaider007, 1 point
    William Croft, 0 points.

    Thanks for all the participants, Congrats everyone.

    WELL DONE to Kami.

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    Congrats Kami!
    I look forward to seeing what the next round will entail

    Well done to everyone in fact, the pics were grade A TR action this week

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    Well done Kami

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    What is this thread about ?
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    It's the results for Round 27 of the Screenshot Competition.
    People enter a screenshot based on one of two themes then, a week later, we all vote to see who's picture was the best. The winner then decides the themes for the next round and they make the thread.

    This week's competition was won by Kami.

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    wow groovy congrats kami can i join nxt round pleezz
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    Everyone is welcome in the competition )

    Congratulations Kami!!

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