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Keep pop songs in Final Fantasy

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    Keep pop songs in Final Fantasy

    While this does topic does not deal directly with Final Fantasy, I believe the producers of this video game should continue to create pop themes but aim for the level of musical theater. Musical theater may sound unappealing but offers a timeless sound. Even xiii-2, kind of had a musical pop sound in an orchestrated version of the song that begins like: Long ago when I was just a boy.... I could imagine this song being a prelude to a musical.

    Some of Uematsu's songs almost offer this sound of pop theater that makes the songs enjoyable. Kiss Me Goodbye (xii) could have easily been in the musical They're Playing Our Song or the end of Acting 1 for Jekyll & Hyde. However, Someone Like You from Jekyll & Hyde is more powerful. Could you imagine Melodies of Life concluding a musicals act?

    I generally don't listen to mainstream pop; however, when pop music is in a musical I enjoy it. Frank Wildhorn is the king of pop theater. Check out his musicals such as Dracula, which has the lovely song Loving You Keeps me Alive. This is what pop theater offers, a timeless epic feeling.

    Many have disrespected Final Fantasy pop songs claiming they are trash. Im telling you these songs can be epic if raised to the bar of musical theater. Heck, VI had Maria and Draco!

    Do me a favor. listen to Wildhorns Loving You Keeps Me Alive. Could you imagine that a song like this could sound epic and fit into a Final Fantasy ?
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