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Thread: Screen Shot Competition Round XXVll VOTING

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    Screen Shot Competition Round XXVll VOTING

    Hi all,

    Thank you for taking part in this round, there were some great shots. So now we come to the difficult part of choosing our favourites; the voting.

    Please feel free to click on the links to view the pics again.

    Anyone can vote, participants, members, mods, everyone else. Just don't vote for yourself, k! Excuse me, I hope the links work, but if they don't then yell and I'll fix it.

    Good Luck Everyone! Vote as follows: 3 points for your fave, 2 for your 2nd choice and 1 point for your 3rd choice.

    I Choose My Enemy Wisely...Shame Lara Doesn't, by Spong

    Busy girl about to be mauled by a cat mummy, gotta go!, by Dukem

    If you float in the air I won't kill you., by TessaTombRaider007.

    Tiger says: 'Hiya mum! I'm on tv!', by Kami.

    Dive! Dive! Dive!, by Goar.

    I'll just be a minute...I have to tie my shoes first, by rg_001100

    Back left lion: *tuts* Meryl's got it wrong again., by Rai004

    Run! - Nuff said, by Kitkatt13

    The Bullfighter, by Jezyk

    Ahh, Where do they keep coming from *cough Mother's Womb Cough*, by William Croft.

    Good luck, the voting closes in one week, 21st July.

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    3 Points - Dukem
    2 Points - Kami
    1 Point - Spong

    The links work for me.

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    3 points - Kami -- I loved how you caught the Tiger's pose, very amusing. It looks like he's pawing at a string.

    2 points - Rai
    -- The lions look hilarious, the first one on the right looks like she's dripping over her own paw, whilst the other one is biting her tail.

    1 point - Jezyk
    -- Yay! Another person using the classic Tomb Raiders! Tomb Raider four is a nice choice, especially during this level, where you need that creature, and you must avoid it to get you to the next part.
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    3 points: Kami
    2 points: rg_001100
    1 point: Dukem

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    Rai004 3
    Spong 2
    Kitkatt13 1

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    Spong : 3
    rg_001100 : 2
    Jezyk : 1

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    3 Points: Spong
    2 Points: Dukem
    1 Point: Kami

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    3 point - Kami : haha so funny, classic

    2 point - Goar : brings back memories

    1 point - Dukem: funny

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    Kami 3

    Spong 2

    Rai004 1

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    3 points - Spong - You've got Lara diving, her aiming at the 'wrong' wolf, the closer wolf's face, the beautiful wood splinter... The list goes on!

    2 points - Goar - I laughed out loud when I first saw this, and I rarely do that. The caption is perfect. Welcome back to the screenshot fray.

    1 point - rg_001100 - I love how the cat mummy looks like it's about to pounce on Lara as soon as she's 'done tying her shoes'.

    Phew! That was a hard round to vote on! The fantastic amount of entries didn't help either. As always, sorry if I didn't vote for you. If you ask me, they're all worth 3 points.

    P.S. Thanks for my votes so far!

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    3: Kami
    2: Goar
    1: rg_001100

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    3 points: Kami - This made me chuckle beyond belief.

    2 points: Dukem

    1 point: rg_001100

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    3 - Rai;
    2 - Spong;
    1 - Tessa.

    Great round
    No Comment.

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    3 points - Rai004
    2 points - Kami
    1 point - Jezyk

    There were just sooo many to choose from this week

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    Here ya go:

    Kami, 3 points ~ Love that tiger.
    rg_001100, 2 points~ Lara's so blase about fighting her enemies isn't she? (must have been difficult to take).
    Spong, 1 point ~ Lara aims for one and [almost] gets bitten by another! Plus I like the sleeping wolf (who isn't asleep), he looks so cute.

    Good luck peeps and thankees for my own votes.

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    Kami - 3 points
    Rai004 - 2 points
    rg_00100 - 1 points

    Actually really hard to choose lol. They all rock.
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    Okay, um, sorry folks for being a day late, I clearly don't know what day I'm in.

    So the Voting is now CLOSED. Bear with me whilst I tally the results. If I get the chance to before my son tells me to get off the pc! If not, the results will definitely be ready tonight.

    Thank you all for participating and voting.

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