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Thread: TRU Information Warehouse

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    Cool ... Euro Girl's assessment

    thanks RG for forwarding the article uncovered by LiasB.

    added: Preview> 08-jul-24~ Eurogamer: Ellie Gibson ...

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    Cool TR Wiki and (planetLara) Raidercasts

    newly added:

    1. Tomb Raider Wiki~ community-driven, online encyclopedia

    1. (PlanetLara) Raidercast podcasts

    latest preview news: 1/02 visual enhancements, 2/01 X360 features, 7/24 adrenaline moments, 7/25 amazing game, 7/27 Eidos high hopes

    ... and other minor formatting updates.

    if you find TRU goodness, post a message here with a link!

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    Cool ... eight is enough

    Previews added (that were previously overlooked):

    08-jul-17, GameZone: Steven Hopper, grapple tricks

    08-jul-15, Pocket Gamer: Rob Hearn, nintendo DS concerns/ PSP missing in action, so far

    08-jul-15, Team XBox: Dale Nardozzi, sticky grenades/ non-linear gameplay

    08-jul-11, GameSpy: Gabe Graziani, 2-tiered hint system/ motion captured animation/ adrenaline moments

    08-jul-11, Team XBox: Andy Eddy/ help system/ 3D maps/ camera hints/ Lara's camera

    08-feb-01, Games Radar: Justin Towell, pre-alpha demo/ improved shaders and effects/ crab spiders

    08-feb-01, XBox 360 Achievements: Dan Webb, pre-alpha demo/ weather/ no medipacks

    08-jan-02, Vidoegamer: Tom Orrey, visual improvements compared to Legend

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    Cool ... 3, 2, 1 ... TRU information

    1. 08-jul-18, BBC News E3 Interview, another Eric Lindstrom E3 Interview
    "How old is Lara Croft?", and more ...

    1. 08-jul-21, I.T.Vibe: Peter Smith, pistols/ spear/ tranquilizer gun/ sticky grenades/ screen-capture camera
    2. 08-jul-18, Das Gamer: John Gaudiosi, controls/ animations/ adrenaline moments/ new moves/ new outfits *** mature language ***
    "... use the default costume or choose a new one." -Eric Lindstrom

    (and I'm not really stalking Eric Lindstrom, it only appears that way from all the previews/interviews)

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    thanks for the info
    One shall shall fall- Optimis Prime

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    Don't know if the site was already said here, but the website I come from, in Italy, is It's a great site with a huge database of custom levels made with the Core Level Editor. If you like playing it's the place to be

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    Cool ... trailer park ...


    various minor format changes, and

    1. gameplay #3 trailer from GameSpot with multiple format downloads from Tomb Raider Chronicles

    1. (Italy) AspideTR

    1. 08-aug-18, Spong: Svend Joscelyne, freewalls/ non-linear paths, rewards/ wall jump/ camera: digital binoculars/ rage meter/ head shot
    2. 08-aug-15, GameSpot: Justin Calvert, free climbing walls/ visual clues: jumps/ intelligent monster AI/ melee attack/ more puzzles/ adrenaline moments
    3. 08-jul-20, Computers and Video Games: Matthew Pellett, jaw-dropping scale/ radar: ping map/ new swimming controls/ improved wall run/ horizontal pole perch

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    Here's a preview interview from G4. Someone from Eidos and Allison Caroll, giving the same info as usual. It's short and sweet,but I thought I'd share.
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    Maybe this has already been asked (hey, I'm the new guy here) but are the minimum and recommended system requirements revealed yet? I'm just hoping that I could play it in its full glory, as shown on those beautiful screenshots, on my rig.

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    Lara will now have over 1700 moves. Lara now: [4]

    and if noone knows:

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    new vignettes and a new developer diary (#2): Beneath the Surface II.

    08-sep-05, Developer Diaries at Tomb Raider Chronicles, Beneath the Surface #1 and #2
    08-aug-21, Vignettes at Tomb Raider Chronicles, #2-08.28

    (Italy) Tomb Raider Adventure

    08-sep-05, Gamasutra: Brandon Sheffield, player tailoring/ Lara's sex appeal/ home brew next-gen engine
    08-aug-22, Eurogamer: Christian Donlan, insect attack/ motion-captured animation/ free-shooting with one hand/ compare to Drake's Fortune
    08-aug-15, VideoGamer: Wesley Yin-Poole, free climbing/ new moves/ grapple upgrade/ melee/ timer photos/ help on demand/
    08-aug-12, AtomicGamer: Matt Cabral, next-gen engine/ puzzle help/ adrenaline moments/

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    Here's a nice video I like:
    I'm pretty sure most have seen it, but I think it's one of the better ones.
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    Hey guys!

    im new so be nice! =P
    been watching heaps of videos from youtube about tomb raider underworld. Preveiws, gameplays, Alison Carroll you name it! I think she's a pretty good Lara but she'll never be as good as the real Lara!

    CANNOT WAIT UNTIL UNDEROWLRD COMES OUT! ive been counting down the days!


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    (awesome thread btw)

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    Hi, nice thread. There is a load of Underworld screenshots at

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    XNALara Gallery

    XNALara images:

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    I've finally got access to a computer that can run TRU and have already added over 400 screenshots (more coming every week!)

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