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Thread: Screen Shot Competition XXVl RESUTS!

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    Big Grin Screen Shot Competition XXVl RESUTS!

    Tomb-Dude asked me to take over for the results, hope y'all don't mind.

    And the votes have been counted and verified folks! Here they are:

    1st place with 18 points = Rai004
    2nd place with 12 points = Tomb-Dude
    3rd place place with 11 points = Dukem

    10 points = rg 001100
    9 points = Jezyk
    7 points each = Spong and CrisGer
    2 points each = Kami and Chadster

    Wow, we had a lot of entries and a lot of voters so thankees and well done everyone!

    Aww this is a little bit but Wow too. Thank you for the votes guys! Expect a new round soon (well when I've thought of somethin') If anyone wishes to verify the results feel free. You just know I get confused sometimes.

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    Well done Rai
    You're right, there was a lot of entries this round, which was a good thing, but it was tough deciding who got what when it came to voting.

    I look forward to the next round.

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    Congratulations Rai! You had so many great pics in the earlier competitions it's about time you won!

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    Congrats Rai!

    Yay, I got 4th... (I'll try for 3rd next time, maybe)

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    Well done, Rai! Jezyk's right, it's about time too.

    Also, thank you to everyone who voted for me.

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