Thread: Grr, Deus Ex can be frustrating.

Grr, Deus Ex can be frustrating.

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    Grr, Deus Ex can be frustrating.

    Ok so this is the SECOND time the campaign has glitched to where I can't proceed.

    I just sent out the message to all the NSF and I go back to the Ton to get Paul and where he is overrun and such. Well when I get there he isnt there. so I load back up, and go back to the Ton, and he SITLL isnt there, but when I walk outside the door, BAM! dozens of UNATCO and MiB's. No paul though.

    Sometimes the UNATCO/MiB's are there, sometimes they are not.


    Last glitch was after I killed Walton Simons in the sub base (next to the drill) and I couldnt get out of the Sub Base because the door that leads you out closed itself and wouldnt open (Keypad on other side of Door)

    Grr! Why! I am so pissed! This is really frustrating!

    (sorry for wrong forum, wanted to know what the Deus Ex 3 community thought on this issue)

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    For all technical issue with Deus Ex 1, please post on the appropriate forum.
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    I have bever encountered any of those problems that you mentioned. Are you running a fully patched version of Deus Ex?

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    Im not sure if I am, how would I know?

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    If you downloaded the game, it's fully patched.

    If you're running the GOTY version, it's fully patched.

    If not, you can find the patch here.

    If you're using the version that came with an Audigy sound card, you can find the patch here.

    Now if you're fully patched, the problems are probably because the game does have some issues. For one thing, it seems to be particularly sensitive to disk fragmentation, so if you haven't defragged your drive lately, try that.

    Otherwise, you should make a full menu save each time you start a level or move to a new region, and use quick saves frequently. There are places in the game I've never been able to get past without a reload or two. In cases where NPCs do not appear, you usually need to reload from a level or two back.

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    I have never had these types of problems with over 7 years of playing DXSP. I have always been able to just play all the way through the game with no save glitches like these. Are you guys using fully licensed, legal copies of DXGOY. I purchased mine at Best Buy in a nice box back in 2001 with no problems for over 7 years. Or, are you guys using mod add-ins like Alrighty, DXMTL, etc. I have noticed inconsistencies in DXSP when I had DXMP mods loaded on my system. I have had no problems with a fresh, legal install of DX. It always works great for me.

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