Thread: "THE HIVE" - Introduce Yourself & Random CHAT Thread

"THE HIVE" - Introduce Yourself & Random CHAT Thread

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    Well Pedro, sure it is the western-most country if you forget about Iceland
    Sorry for the smartypants, but geography is a hobby of mine. But you're right if you talk about the continent

    Is there anybody else addicted to hockey? I guess, since there is an eidos-montreal sign at the top.

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    Im Conner (no i didnt spell it wrong )
    I'm 16 from England, and ive just finished high school, I chose to study Russian, ICT, and History as well as the compulsary things. Hoping to stay on at sixth form to study maths, chemistry and physics.
    I'm into games, but i generally only play old ones, because my computers old, and i cant really afford a new console :P, doesnt really matter though, i play a game and finish it then forget about it, i can barely remember half of my games, only Deus Ex and Destroy all Humans.
    Music.... im going through a strange phase where im not really into music, i listen to it, but i dont go and buy new cds very often. Its generally Aerosmith, or Weird Al (difficult to find any of his stuff in England .)
    that should be enough right?

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    Originally Posted by MaxxQ1
    Sorry, I only skim read the thread.

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    Hi , My name is William and I live on Alnö in sundsvall,sweden.
    I'm mainly interested in Robotics and Programming , been working with most languages between Qbasic and C++ , also very interested in Games of all sorts , give great inspiration and is also a fun activity.
    Like I said I like all kind of games , though I prefer games with a CyberPunk theme , like DeusEx , NeoCron , Beneath a Steal Sky , ManHunter , Syndicate ... and so on. NEXT

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    Hello I'm no sorry I won't give my name yet.
    I'm 24 years old, I'm a technician that maintain industrial machines on factories.
    I'm from France and I'm sorry if my English is bad but I want to make all possible efforts to perform it.

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    Well my name's Laurence, I live in the UK and I'm a 3D graphic and Visualisation artist. Currently working on Architecture and School Cirriculum subjects in Virtual Reality for corporate business' and schools over the UK and Europe.

    I love my music and I don't really think there's a day that goes by without myself putting some 'Tunes' on. Most of the music I listen to is from before the 90's like:
    Pink Floyd
    Led Zeppelin
    Jimi Hendrix
    The Who

    Not a very big sport fan but adore Rugby. The only real interesting sport these days. (Who needs protection in sport?)

    It's good to see who people are though. Gives everybody an idea on who plays our favourite games and the diversity of the age enjoying said games.

    Good to meet everyone!

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    Hi I'm Neil and Deus Ex TOTAALLLYY ROOXXXORRRSSS (the first one that is). I'm from Cape Town, South Africa and I'm an electrical and electronic engineer currently doing embedded programming. I love most SF (star trek included watching all the TNG eps again lol). I'm currently playing mass effect and its frikken dope!

    PS Conner is your surname McCleod ? coz that would be awesome

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    Originally Posted by The widow's son
    PS Conner is your surname McCleod ? coz that would be awesome
    Sorry, no
    Jowitt, not as exciting as McCleod :P

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    Hehe cool stuff.

    Looks like a lot of cool games are being developed if they really are making thief 4. I replayed syndicate wars the other day, that was a brilliant game for its time, thou i would have liked the ability to save more often. Either way cyberpunk remains fun.

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    Originally Posted by Blade_hunter
    Hello I'm no sorry I won't give my name yet.
    I'm 24 years old, I'm a technician that maintain industrial machines on factories.
    I'm from France and I'm sorry if my English is bad but I want to make all possible efforts to perform it.

    Well how the hell am I supposed to stalk you now? lol

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    I'm Arash and I'm 25. I was born in Iran and moved to the Netherlands at the tiny age of 2.

    The great love of my life is Kung Fu, though I'm way too lazy.

    Right now I study Chinese Studies at the university, and Chinese medicine in the weekends. For the past year I've been learning Chinese in Taiwan, and I'm headed home next week, so I might not be on the forum very often after that.

    I love games and I used to play them a lot, but I don't have the time to enjoy them like before.

    I'm interested in almost everything, but especially philosophy, science, religion, etc. I love alternative ideas and viewpoints, even if I don't believe them myself.

    I love all kinds of music, from Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson, Lauryn Hill, the Beatles, Rachmaninoff, you name it. But at the top of my list is TOOL.

    All kinds of movies too - but especially thought-provoking movies.

    Hoi Paul, hoe gaat 'ie?

    Gary Savage - did the quote come from a Versalife employee, in the office break room?

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    Nice to meet you all! I hope to be seeing lots more over the coming months.

    I'm Keir. I've been working at Eidos for seven years. The last five of which have been overseeing our communities. Up until recently, it's just been me doing the (impossible) job but now I have back-up, which is awesome for everyone so watch this space.

    Aside from going to work and sitting on the internet interacting with online communities, I like to relax by going home and sitting on the internet interacting with online communities. I also enjoy beer, irresponsibly extravagant travel, watching and (rarely) playing footie/soccer, music technology and production as well as drawing (some times I even use a pencil).

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    Hoi Arash

    Back on-topic now, shall we?

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    Hey everyone, name's Tamika. I'm a teenage gamer, living in Adelaide, South Australia with a Greek background.

    I love games, have been gaming since I was little. I'm primarily a console gamer (don't laugh at me but play the odd PC game. My favourite genre would have to be FPS, while I don't really like most traditional RPGs. I love games with a fantastic storyline and great characters, hence my love of Deus Ex.

    My other interests include music. I am a huge hip-hop fan, I have a strong passion for the art form. Some of my current favourites are Immortal Technique, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Run DMC, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and of course the local Aussie scene among countless others.

    I also love movies, I'm a bit of a film buff =] I'm also passionate about history and am fascinated by it- namely WWII and the French Revolution.

    I think that's all for now. Nice meeting you all =]

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    I'm Lachie, also from Australia, and I'm the guy who owns I work in computer forensics and I have been known to play DX through several times without stopping - by the time i reach area 51 i'm nostalgic for hells kitchen, so i just start a new game and go right on through again.

    I love psytrance, bodybuilding, motorbikes and mixed martial arts.


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    Hello Tamika (nice name!)

    Originally Posted by urban_queen41
    I'm also passionate about history and am fascinated by it- namely WWII and the French Revolution.
    Have you tried Battlestations: Midway?

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    Hello, I'm Tong. Born and raised in China, I was always fascinated by nanotechnology...

    Well, not really. I'm a 22 year old bachelor student doing my CS degree. Deus Ex is and will probably stay my favourite game.

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    I'm Rick -- 48. I'm an educator in Utah and an avid FPS gamer. I'm known as FearX in the online gaming world. DX1 is my all-time favorite game. I'm looking forward to DX3 and hope it lives up to expectations.

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    I'm Pascal, I'm 19 years old. I live in France. I discovered Deus Ex in 2001, when I was 13 ^^

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    Originally Posted by Keir

    Have you tried Battlestations: Midway?
    Nope, but should I? =]

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    Hello hello,

    I'm Laura, I'm 22 and I live in Scotland. I'm an obsessive gamer, and general nerd. I'm into many things that end in "ism" (no rude jokes ). Been gaming since I was a toddler and still loving it, I also collect a few comics, and I adore movies.

    My new computer means I can run, any game I like, which is epic, it means no more scouring the backs of boxes to check specs then whining about it for days.

    I'm a registered nurse, I'm addicted to all kinds of music...pretty much everything from Rachmaninov to Blood Axis and Suffocation. Even the girly chick rock, sadly.

    Anyway...that about sums me up.

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    I'm Peter, 25 from SW London but soon to live in Paris for about 2 years due to my work.

    I'm an avid DX fan and the original is probably my favourite game of all time. I am you average forum lurker, I visit many forums but seldom post...

    My general interests are gaming, sci-fi, anime, reading, world domination and the eating of cookies.

    Deux Ex 1 is currently installed on my PC and due to me losing and/or killing CD's I have probably bought the game about 4 times now!
    “One of the common failings among honourable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonourable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them” - Thomas Sowell

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    Hi , my name is Jack , I'm french and I live in the south of france , near to marseille ( you guys probably don't even know where it is but that's ok =) .

    As you can imagine ( for those who are aware of the poor number of English-speaking folks in France ) , I don't fully master english , but I think I can handle it .

    I'll try to do my best but it should not be a problem . I hope so ..

    Anyway , about me , I love everything that doesn't look like reality , it's quite simple like that , so including video games , movies , computers , anything virtual .. Geek talking !

    My favorite experience ever has been of course Deus Ex 1 , something that almost changed my way of seeing .. a lot of things !

    I'm in love with this game so badly .. The second one seems ok , I haven't finished it yet though , it's underway ..

    I'm also a fan of matrix and blade runner .

    So if you are a replicant ...


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    Yeah, Marseilles is in the SE, near the Riveira, right? I'm better at geography than the average American, and that's probably the only reason I know that. But that's not really a super hard question, compared to what people in the National Geographic Bee have to answer. But then, most people have only heard of Paris... I guess it's easy to see why.

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    Marseilles is cool, but i love the way they grill fish in Nice And the women... they are more... complicated.


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