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Thread: Job prospects as a future employee at Crystal Dynamics

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    Job prospects as a future employee at Crystal Dynamics

    Hey everyone i'm a novice at this Forum thing. My name is Mickal, and i'm a senior at Saint Louis University. I'n an English major, but i graduate next year as an english major, ive been taking theatre classes because i want to write movies for hollywood and im really interested in creating scripts for future Tomb Raider titles, i have no idea of ho to go about entering the game industry though, and i would really appreciate some advice or tips form anyone who can inform me, im really creative, but i just dont have any connections to the game industry. so i guess this post is just for anyone who is like me and wanting information or anyone who might be able to give me some tips

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    Id love the same - advice to work on tomb raider - I can make textures and i am sort of a good artist

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    Yes, I understand you. 5 years ago I graduated from Journalism Faculty in NYU and my dream was being an excellent English writer. However, there was a big problem - I had no perfect Cv or even something resume. helped me in decomposing and writing CV when I finally decided to work as a freelancer for the local newspaper of my University. I even wrote various types of creative movies plots. So, you should correctly create a telling story in shape of CV for your desired job offer.

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