i want to ask some questions for khiii excuse
me if it's a long questionnaire but i'm very
excited for the last dark seeker saga so i
begin...would it be great to include pocahontas
as a world or maybe dinosaur or even search
in the old disney movies for worlds like oliver
and company or the great mouse detective or
the rescuers???....also i want to ask is there
possibility to learn about the other members
of organisation xiii i mean human form and
that???....also is there space for new disney
square enix characters unseen??....will dilan
ienzo aeleous and even be seen?....the worlds
will have one visit like kh1 or multiple visits
like khii???...is there any chance saix become
isa again???....because xigbar is impossible
maybe to become braig again ...can't wait for
these questions to be answered in time
....also i want to ask will have possible
flashbacks from kh3D?