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Thread: Results - Screenshot Competition Round XXIV

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    Results - Screenshot Competition Round XXIV

    Here are the results for round XXIV!

    Tomb-Dude - 13 points

    Dukem - 7 points
    Rai004 - 7 points
    Lo - 5 points
    Chadster - 5 points
    Jezyk - 5 points

    Well done, Tomb-Dude! I can't wait to see what themes you've thought of for the 25th anniversary of the screenshot competition!

    Of course it goes without saying, congratulations to everyone else as well, for helping to make a great round full of excellent entries!

    Remember, members and staff alike are welcome to join in on the fun.

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    Yay gd joob tomb dude and congratulations to all and u Dukem 7 points not bad
    UR Nothin But WOMANIZER

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    Good thing i checked because i'm going to say don't expect one soon. Becuase i have got exam until thursday only days i have got off is wednesday (revision day im going to do) friday and saturday and sunday. so the last 3 days i would expect something. Sorry for the wait people, but my education comes first.

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    Congratulations, Tomb-Dude! Don't worry about making us wait for the next round. We're pretty patient people. *eye twitches*

    Good luck with your exams.

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    Well done tomb dude!

    Hey, Its the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jacksons thriller too ...

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