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Game crashes after third mission

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    Exclamation Game crashes after third mission

    I bought this game for my son about a month ago. The game started crashing after third mission. I have Windows Vista. Vista logged a problem in atiumdag.dll. I tried so many things but could not get the game to run. Eidos help centers in US and Europe did not help either. Eidos distributes it's products through a local company in India and they were terrible to say the least. I have ATI 2600XT graphics card. I keep updating it's drivers. Yesterday I got ver8.5 driver. I updated my system. Then I noticed atiumdag.dll in the directory where Conflict Denied is installed ( d:\eidos\conflictdenied in my case). I checked it's version and found that it was from a date in March,2008. The atiumdag.dll in c:\windows\system32 was from a date in April,2008. I copied this file into the game folder. LO behold... the game started running smoothly. The lesson is... with these buggy games get ready for a long haul. Your kids won't leave you alone.

    Anyway here's a summary:

    If your game crashes and you get a message that the faulting module is atiumdag.dll (for those with ATI graphics) then here's what you got to do...
    1> Update to driver version 8.5 from
    2> copy atiumdag.dll from c:\windows\system32 to your game folder.

    I still can't understand why Eidos keeps a copy of system dll's in it's local folder????

    Hope this helps some troubled soul!!

    Aninda Das

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    Do u have any solutions for those of us using nvida?

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    guys just convert all videos in FMV folder using any video converting software ,i used Leawo video converter format wmv9

    then copy all the converted videos into FMV folder (overwrite it)
    that's all
    no more error's
    buy guys