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Thread: Voting - Screenshot Competition Round XXIV

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    Voting - Screenshot Competition Round XXIV

    Thank you to all who participated.

    Participants and non participants alike are welcome to vote.

    Please award 3 points for your favourite entry, 2 points for your second favourite and finally, 1 point for your third favourite.

    This week's entries are, (Click to view) in order of appearance:

    Jezyk: I'm so angry I feel I'm gonna explode...

    Chadster: Now where did I put that nuclear bomb...?

    Rai004: Fighting to the very last

    Tomb-Dude: "Come on boys, give a girl a break!"

    Lo: Charlie's Angel of Darkness

    Dukem: A Long Way Down...

    Good luck everyone!

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    Tomb-Dude - 3 points - Oh gosh! Poor Lara! I always hated those damn Atlanteans.

    Lo - 2 points - The time it must have taken to get this sceenie! It looks great!

    Chadster - 1 point - A great caption for a great screenshot! Something tells me it's just too late for Lara, though.

    They were all great screenshots this round, as always. Sorry if I didn't vote for yours, it was so hard to choose!

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    Lo - 3 points - quailty shot, like dukem said "the time to get that shot"

    Dukem - 2 points - great shot, time to say bye bye to Lara

    Rai - 1 point - ow, poor Lara getting blasted!

    was going to use french equivalent (since it is the eurovision tonight!) for the numbers but my french is running a bit low latly. Great shots everyone. Great round Dukem

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    Rai - 3 points - I like it how determined Lara looks on that pic!
    Tomb-Dude - 2 points
    Dukem - 1 point

    It's a shame that Spong removed(?) his entry, I wanted to vote on it...

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    Tomb-Dude 3 points hehe the comment is rele funny and u did a great job , tho i hated this level alot
    Dukem 2 points i liked the pose 4 lara rele cool
    Rai004 1 point i like lara in tht outfit alot
    UR Nothin But WOMANIZER

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    Tomb-Dude: 3 Points
    Rai: 2 Points
    Chadster: 1 point

    That was a hard choice actually and sorry for those I didn't vote for - they were ALL so good

    Thanks for my points everyone and good luck to all!

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    Each round just keeps getting better and better!

    Jezyk = (Trois) 3 points
    Dukem = (Deux) 2 points
    Tomb-Dude = (Un) 1 point

    Thanks for my points and good luck everybody!

    The French is for T-D.

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    Chadster: 3 points !!! very funny

    Jezyk: 2 points

    Tomb-Dude: 1 point

    Good job to all of you!!

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